Croup and vomiting - not a good week

Unfortunately our household has been hit by illness again.  The youngest two are both suffering.  S has missed her last day of nursery and her final swimming lesson.  N just isn't well - simple as that.

N has been croaking like a little frog for some time now.  We all had coughs and colds what seems like years ago now but they never completely cleared up although we weren't unwell.  However, over the past few days, N's voice got worse. It was almost demonic at times. Quite scary.  Tuesday night was not a good one. Poor little N was coughing uncontrollably and I had to bring her downstairs a few times as it sounded like she was struggling to get her breath a bit.  As soon as she was upright, she had a few more coughs and fell asleep.  As soon as she was laying down, it started again. You get the drift.  She finally did manage to go to sleep with a second pillow under her head but she kept slipping off it.  What with the coughing and constant checking to prop her up again, it wasn't the best nights sleep.

At 5am S woke up and all we could hear was the familiar sound - she was being sick. Oh no!  Hubby scooped her up and rushed to the bathroom with her but it was too late. I stripped her bed but unfortunately the duvet and pillow themselves also needed washing so I borrowed one of J's pillows and put a sleeping bag on the bed for S.  She finally got back to sleep with the bucket beside her.

My poor girls.

We suspected S may have Norovirus as that is (pardon the pun) going through the population again this Winter.

As for N, we weren't sure as at one point it almost sounded like she was starting Whooping Cough!  Hubby took her to the doctor while I looked after S.  It turned out she has Croup.  Not a very nice infection of her voice box and throat.  The doctor said if she gets worse we may need to take her to A&E as they can struggle with their breathing. He gave hubby a prescription for antibiotics but said not to get it unless it doesn't start to ease in a day or two. The trouble is there is a viral and antibacterial version so it's not easy to treat.  He suggested we run a shower in the bathroom, nice and hot, and sit in there with her for a while to try and ease the congestion.  It's all in her throat area (he checked her chest and temperature) so that may help.  We did that on Wednesday night and it certainly did help her. She slept all the way through last night.

S is feeling better as well. I think now it was just a little tummy bug.  As we all came down with the Norovirus earlier this year, we know what that is like and I'm pleased to say it isn't that.  She is better today but still coughing as well.

Isn't it rotten when children are ill.


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