Santa and Joseph

Quick, my bottom is getting cold!
Today has been magical.

It started with a visit to Chessington Garden Centre to Santa's Grotto.

The girls didn't know where we were going and, oddly, were excited when I said we were just going to look around a new garden centre. Maybe I'm taking them too Wisley too much and they are now over-excited about plants and flowers. Hey, that's not a bad thing surely.

We had set off early as the traffic on the M25 can often be so bad, so we had a little time to kill first.  We went and looked around at the lovely Christmas decorations and the sparkling trees that were in the garden centre.  N kept bending down and kissing the little soft snowmen on their noses.  I was sorely tempted to buy one for them as they were just so cute.

We then wandered over to the aquatic and reptile area.  S was amazed to see tortoises and lizards.  N was simplyl fascinated with the Koi.  They were huge and around £200 each. I'm not surprised people with those in their gardens don't want to see any herons around.

Can I have it with chips?
Ten minutes to go and we headed to Santa's Grotto.  S realised what was happening and got very excited.  We had a little film to watch first and it seems my timing was spot on as the Elf who took my ticket said we had just made it before a school party were arriving (we heard them as we went around - it would have been hard not to!).  Well done mummy.

After the film, we had a walk around the grotto area looking at all sorts of magical characters from Alice in Wonderland, Toad of Toad Hall and elves working in Santa's workshop.  There were even ice-skating penguins.

At the end we went in to see Santa.  That was just magic!  Santa picked the girls up and plonked them both on his knee.  I think their faces say everything.

Meeting the 'real' Santa
Santa had a lovely chat to them and told them to be good and make sure they were asleep before he arrived on Christmas Eve as he can't leave presents when they are awake.  He also said they were both in his good book and so was I.  Daddy, however, needed some improvement!   The girls were given some super gifts and we left to drive home, where they opened their presents and were delighted.

In the afternoon we went off to see S in her school nursery Nativity.  All the girls were dressed up and looked amazing.  The youngest girls (Chicks) did some lovely songs and poems about Christmas and the older ones (Ducklings) who are S's group did the traditional Nativity story.  S was Joseph.  That is one of the cutest things about being in a girls' school.

My little Joseph
The whole thing lasted about 15 minutes and was simply magical.  The outlaws (grandparents to you) had come too and my mother-in-law was in tears at the end.  Proud grandma.  I have to confess to having watery eyes when the children all filed into the hall.

The nursery girls
Considering they are 3 and 4 years old only, they did an amazing job. They were all involved and all had their own things to do and they behaved impeccably.

Today has really been the most super-duper day!


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