The Head Gardener and Robin

We have had a lovely day today.  We went into town first thing to spend the Christmas money that was burning a hole in J's pocket, then headed over to RHS Wisley.

For the next few weeks at Wisley is the Enchanted Story Trail so we thought we'd find out a bit about it. It was also a great excuse to try out the girls all-in-one waterproof suits that the grandparents had bought them for Christmas (geocaching in every weather is a real option now).  Snuggled into them and wellies on, away we went.

It was very quiet at Wisley but I suspect the cold and rain had kept a few people away but as we got there, the rain stopped and we had a very enjoyable walk around.  

Picking up a map of the story route, we initially thought there was some work going on by the fountain.  

The scaffolding looked more like you'd expect to see in China than in the UK but then it clicked - this was part of the story trail.  We got to the 'entrance' at just the right time for the next performance and it was just us there.  
Meet the Head Gardener
The 'head gardener' came out and introduced himself. Normally you don't see him as he is invisible but this is a special time of year.  N was a little unsure at first and said "We go home now mummy" but she soon settled down.

In we went to this undercover area and the girls had a lovely time helping him find a seasonal clock and working out with him why the flowers weren't there any more.  Sophie enjoyed telling him that they were asleep as it was Winter and would be out in Summer again.  

The girls helped him dig for bulbs. S had a trowel (nol not the thing you dry yourself on after a bath Mr Gardener) and N, J and I had rubber gloves to use. N wouldn't give hers back afterwards so we have a rather odd souvenir of our visit.

Once we had finished there, we headed off to the next area which was in the Glasshouse. Unfortunately it was a 45 minute wait until the next performance so we had a walk around instead.  The girls wanted to get outside again and jump in puddles so we decided to wander back towards the entrance and come back another day to do the rest.

Spot the Robin (on the 3rd sign from the right)
As we were walking along, I mentioned to J that we were by the area where the friendly Robin was last time we were here in the snow and who should appear?  Yes, that's definitely his territory!  He flew right up to the handle of the pushchair then off again into the bushes.  He flew down right by the girls feet much to their delight and they gave him some of their puffs to eat and some apple which he seemed to enjoy.  How lovely to see such a friendly little fella.

Me and my shadow
More splashing as we headed back to the car.  The girls had a great walk, run and splash.

Sulking as she doesn't want to go home
We arrived home to find that N was dry as a bone whereas S had very wet feet. I suspect this was more to do with the wellies than the suit so I think I'd best nip out and buy her some new ones (not that I could spot any holes).


  1. This looked like a great day out. Its definitely whats needed after being couped up indoors over Christmas. I need to drag mine away from their new X-Box!


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