The tree has arrived

Two very excited girls jumped around on the sofa when the Christmas tree arrived on Friday afternoon.  We were going to wait until Saturday to decorate it as J wanted to join in this year too.

Saturday morning arrived and S didn't want to go to ballet (I wonder why?) and so we set about decorating the tree, Christmas music playing of course.

It was lovely to see how much N joined in this year and how much she enjoyed it.  Although maybe she hadn't quite got the idea of how to put baubles on.

We had bought new baubles this year in purple and gold as I fancied a change of colour scheme.  We have had the other scheme for almost 10 years so I think that is fair enough (I'm not one of these people who has a new theme every year you know).

Tree done and we just needed chocolates to go on it.  Fortunately Cadbury are very kind and made the parcels in purple and the caramel bells in gold so they fitted perfectly with the tree.  Not sure how long they will last though.

We are all really looking forward to Christmas this year. Isn't it just the best when you have little ones around.


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