Wet tights and an inverted 'V'

We have been going a little stir-crazy in this house with all our coughs, colds and illnesses so today we wrapped up and decided to go and grab a couple of local geocaches to give us a walk and some fresh air.

We drove up to St Johns and parked (none of us felt like walking up there as we were all coughing too much still).  Off we went to find the clue to the puzzle for Canal Crossings - Kiln Bridge.  The numbers were found and we worked out the coordinates and popped a waypoint in.  I then had a totally daft moment and navigated us back to almost the clue, just across the path from where we were standing, to a tree which hubby had a look around.  Realising my mistake, I opened the map a little more and off we went to the correct area.

Typically, as we were coming up to GZ there was a fisherman (why are they out in this weather?) but fortunately for us, we veered off onto a path through some trees and it was a quick find.  The pile of sticks is always a bit of a a giveaway ;-)

Next we went off to try and find St Johns Lye 01 which had eluded us earlier this summer.  Walking across the field I expected us to sink any moment. The grass was absolutely sodden.  We walked to the path as quickly as we could but had some more grass to walk the other side that was equally wet but much longer.  S said she could feel water going into her wellies so we knew we had to be reasonably quick.  Cold feet in this weather after a cough wasn't going to be good.

It was much easier near GZ at this time of year as we weren't up to our waists in nettles and brambles. In fact, the ground leading to the cache was almost flattened out which certainly helped.  It looks like lots of people have been here as there was almost a little path in the grass towards the fence.  

Naturally the GPS gave up and the compass was all over the place under the tree coverage.  We all plodded along the fence to another clearing when the compass suddenly turned around and pointed back the way we had just come. Hard to judge when it said 36m with 32m accuracy!  Well, we had a clue and looked around based upon that.  There were a few of the inverted V's to be seen and hubby and S explored them.  No joy.

I found a picture of some other cachers with the prize. Ah, now I know what we're looking for but a green bullet container by a green fence in among green holly was not going to be easy, even without the nettles to contend with.  

As we did our second sweep, hubby spotted something and the clue suddenly made sense.  A nice find and a good hide.  The log was very damp but still fine to sign so I did that and then took a photo of S with the cache as you can see.

Back we went down another road we had not walked before and headed back to the car.  It was really nice to get out but we're happy now to be back in the warm. The girls tight had got very wet so they now have lovely thick, Christmas socks on and are enjoying a picnic on a blanket in the lounge :)


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