Wisley with just a dusting of snow

Me and the girls at Wisley
I was surprised to look out of the window this morning and see a dusting of snow on the cars and rooftops.  The girls loved it!  It is always so exciting when children see snow.

After I collected S from nursery, we decided to head over to RHS Wisley. We had promised the girls yesterday that we would go today and we stuck to it.  A crisp walk would be great fun.

I was surprised to see the car park so quiet as Wisley is one of those places that people love to see no matter what the weather.  Perhaps the cold had put a few off.  We found a nice spot, parked up and headed in.

A few paths were shut off as it seems they are very busy getting rid of branches and having a tidy up.

I wasn't surprised to see the large grassed areas cordoned off as you can imagine what a mud bath that would become in winter if everyone walked across.

Quite a lot of paths were still covered with a dusting of the white stuff and, of course, the girls wanted to walk down those ones.  N managed to fall over 3 times as we went around. I think the combination of snow, wellies and running wasn't the best.

We went into the glasshouse and they were setting up a display of Poinsettas with a Christmas tree made out of them as a centre piece.  It looked lovely already so I can only imagine what it will be like when it is all completed.
Poinsetta Christmas Tree

N loved the pink passion flower. We have a white one in our garden that has produced so many fruit this year but this colour is beautiful.

Pink Passion Flower
We had a walk around in the glasshouse (what a super place to warm up a bit in the cold weather!) and then headed off out the back door towards the wild gardens and the children's play area.

Sun in cloud
Despite being to Wisley so many times now, we still had not managed to get to the play area and I was pleasantly surprised by what awaited us.

Welcome to the Playground
I am not sure why, but I never expected Wisley to have swings and a slide but what greeted us was magical. The carvings made out of the wood were amazing and the girls loved them.

I bet that's a tough snail to get off your lettuce
They were all around and the detail was lovely.  The girls were running from one to another looking at them and shouting for us to come see.

They had a look at the den building area.  This basically consists of large pole frameworks which children can then place other lengths of wood, branches and sticks around to make a den.  I could imagine this being a lot of fun (and very busy) in the summer.  The girls went in to explore.

We then headed over to the rest of the play area for them to have a look around and have a climb on some of the rope shapes, stepping stones and bridges.  There is even a little area with lots of fixed binoculars so that they can look around the gardens but they were all a bit steamed up (no surprise there).

Once they had finished exploring, we decided to head back to the cafe to warm up again as the sun was already starting to dip in the sky and it tends to get quite chilly all of a sudden when that happens.  They had to go and look at the sculpture of the Hare though.

We just stopped N from disappearing under the little fence that was around it or it would now be a pile of sticks on the ground!

Back we went past the glasshouse again. How the colours have changed at this time of year.

Winter glasshouse
As we walked back along every path that was covered in snow, we spotted a little Robin watching us.  We walked right up to him and instead of flying away, he hopped off his branch down by our feet. The girls jumped back at bit at first as even our friendly garden Robin never comes this close.  I'm sure he is well known to the gardeners here as he was a very brave and cheeky little fellow who came right up to the girls and was about 6 inches away from me when I crouched down to take this photo.

He stayed with us just hopping around near our feet for ages, much to the girls' delight.  I only wish we had a few crumbs to feed him. He even hopped off to hubby when he stretched his arm out towards him.

Can you spot the Robin?
Back when went to the cafe by the shop but they didn't have any Ribena (which naturally the girls wanted) so  we just headed back to the car where I had some ready in my bag.  Mummy always knows you know ;-)

We are looking forward to coming back again soon as Wisley starts its 'Enchanted Story Trail' before Christmas and we are certainly going to have a wander around and see what we can find.


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