Lots of interesting news today

Yes, I mean real news, the stuff on the TV and the Interweb.  A few things have caught my eye today and I just felt I had to blog about them.

Firstly, a guy called Alex Jones had a 12 minute rant at Piers Morgan in the USA and called for his deportation. Why? Because Piers said what any sane person would say, that gun control should be brought in to stop the massacres that have been happening over there. If ever there was an advert for why America needs these measures – Alex Jones was it. One Twitter user aptly described him as “a paranoid, fear driven, gun nut”.  You can see the interview here.

Other news was that Bigjigs wooden railway put in a bid for the West Coast Rail line.  The Department of Transport rejected it due to the fact that the trains would not meet safety standards but they certainly are much brighter than regular trains! Here's the BBC News article.  Nice to know even the DofT can have a sense of humour.

Another great comment in the news today was related to M&S having a trading loss before Christmas. Much of this may have been to do with the fact that they bucked the trend and did not have a sale before Christmas (big mistake it seems) but according to one analyst, ‘M&S still design clothes for the woman who does not exist – middle aged with no taste’.  Bingo!  

Sadly another well known store has gone into administration. Jessops, the camera shop, is closing down. Bad news for anyone with gift vouchers or who needs to return an item as apparently they will not be honouring that.  BBC News has the story.


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