Orchids, Butterflies and Snow

Not something you normally associate together but today we were off to our favourite place, RHS Wisley, to  see the butterflies in the glasshouse.

This is an annual event and if you are local to Wisley (or not even) it is well worth the visit. On a cold, snowy day, the glasshouse is a welcome retreat too.

The staff at Wisley had done a wonderful job of clearing the paths. Did they also put this little fella here for us visitors?

I'm frozen!
Obviously many areas were closed off, with good reason, but you could still have an enjoyable walk around.

Into the glasshouse we went.  One of my favourite flowers of all time is here - the orchid.  I adore these flowers and have pots of them blossoming away year round on my kitchen windowsill. The size and colours here are beautiful.

Then in to see the butterflies. There was one with beautiful electric blue wings when it had them open but as I tried to take a photo, it flew off.  I couldn't capture it again but we still saw lots and the girls were really excited about them.

This one was trying to make a bid for freedom. A lady spotted it sitting on another lady's coat and got it off before she exited the area.  Unfortunately it then didn't want to leave her finger so she had to kind of pop it onto a plant.  Better luck next time butterfly.

Let me out of here

We had a sandwich outside on the bench by the waterfall then looked in at the cocoons.  One butterfly was in the glass case and one had just hatched so the girls enjoyed seeing that and talking about it.

The butterflies are in the glasshouse until 24th February.  If you're taking little ones, remember you have to leave your buggy outside for this event so you may want a sling if you have a babe in arms.

We had fun


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