Splish-Splash Splosh Suits

Is daddy going to shake the tree?
Yes, they are aptly named!  Our girls got these Regatta Splosh suits for Christmas from the outlaws and what a tremendous buy they were.  As you can see, they have been worn time and time again already.

What's so great about these suits you may ask?  Well, they are warm, all-in-one and waterproof. What more could we ask for for our girls.

Remember that we go geocaching in all weather and they love to go to RHS Wisley.  Now we can go anytime during the winter and know they are all snug.

The girls loved the suits as soon as they saw them and they are our current everyday wear while this weather is continuing.

RHS Wisley - very friendly deer
We had fun splashing around Wisley in them and we headed off for a very, very muddy geocaching adventure last week.  The suits were covered in mud up to the crutch but the girls were both warm and dry when we took them off.

We found the geocache!
The great part about the suits is that they have a single zip with a small piece of material that covers it inside so that water does not get through.  We pull them down over their wellies and away they go.  The only leak we have had was due to a hole in S's welly ;-)

This was the least muddy bit!
The hood is attached and has a fleece lining (as does the suit body) so even in the snow, they both were snug with just their normal indoor clothes underneath.

Another geocaching find
There is even a bit of reflective trim as you can see, not that our two can be missed in pink and red!

You can find the suits and other nice outdoor clothing at the Regatta website.

(This is a personal review and I was not provided with any incentive by Regatta)

UPDATE: March 2013 - Both suits split on the leg seam in February and were duly replaced.  However, less than a month later, they have both gone on the same seam again.  As the children aren't mountaineering or doing extreme sports, this renders the suits useless if they cannot even cope with children who walk a lot in wellies!  We have therefore returned them and obtained a full refund. I would not buy Regatta again.


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