Tupperware, Tantrums and Twitter

My new book has been published.  Unsurprisingly it is called Tupperware, Tantrums and Twitter (did you guess?).

It is currently available on Amazon Kindle or PC reader for £1.49 but is also printed on real paper using real trees (sorry) for £5.00 directly from Lulu.  I have to confess, it's much better in the paperback version as you get some black and white pictures included too.  I do spoil you lot.

What's it all about I hear you ask?

It's about me and my life in 2012.  Yes, it's a kind of diary but not as dramatic as Anne Frank's clearly.

It is my daily ramblings about what has taken place in my life or the world around me.  It features a lot of geocaching (there'd be a surprise) and much talk about my children but I promise you that I'm not a boring "my children are the best in the world ever" type mummy. I also have a lot to say about some people I have encountered on Twitter (gosh, I hope they don't recognise themselves as it's not normally good), eBay, education, weather and some general comments on the news.  That's not all, of course, or it would be a very short book!

Hopefully it will be a fun read and give you a good laugh at times too.

You can have a glimpse of the type of things I chat about by clicking the 'Look Inside' tab on the book's page on Amazon and if you like it, please buy it and leave me feedback.  I'll never reach the dizzy heights of J. K. Rowling unless you do ;-)



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