My Headache and Brilliant Teen

On Saturday, I woke up at 4am with the mother of all headaches (no that's not me in the picture, I really couldn't photograph myself with a headache and I certainly wouldn't look anything like that good with no make-up!). Not quite a migraine (although I called it that) but bad enough to make me feel really ill and for even the tiniest movement to feel like I was on some wild roller-coaster ride.   I had taken some tablets a few hours before but they weren't helping and the youngest two were calling to get up.  There was no way I was going to be able to function this morning and hubby was at work.

I shuffled into my teens room and had to prod her awake.  "Can you do the girls for me please sweetie? I have the most awful migraine".  She was up like a shot, no problem mum, and in she went to get the girls up and down to breakfast.  I shuffled back into the bedroom and disappeared under the duvet for another hour or so.

At one point I could hear N at the bottom of the stairs shouting "Mummy!" at the top of her voice. It seemed to go on forever but I knew J was with her so there clearly was nothing wrong.  J had gone to the toilet and, of course, N decided this was her chance to wake me up.  

I got up a little later to happy playing and a DVD entertaining the girls.  What a super job J had done.

We had some lunch and then, oh no, the headache started to come back and I felt very, very sick. Not good.  I asked J if she would mind looking after her sisters again while I had a lay down. No problem she said.  This girl is awesome!

Off I trundled to bed for a second time and slept for another 3 hours having taken some more tablets.  

I have no idea what is causing my headaches but I'm keeping a note of them as I'm beginning to wonder if they are hormonal :(  One thing I can say is that while they are pretty rough, I'm touching wood here (well, MDF at least) and saying I've not had a *proper* migraine in years now I'm pleased to say.  I used to get those ones that any sound would make me want to cry, the tiniest movement would make me sick and then doing either of those would make the migraine worse.  

I felt much better when I got up and the girls had been very happily playing in the lounge with their big sister. They were delighted to see me with N shouting "Mummy, you're back!" at me.  I hadn't actually gone anywhere but out of her sight but bless her, she likes me around.

J earned herself £10 pocket money for that and she deserved every penny.  What a total star my teen has been this weekend.  Without her help, I'd have had to call hubby to come home from work which would not have been good.  

You see, teens are super-duper when you really need them to be.

Of course I should mention that she spent the rest of the weekend with her head at 90 degrees texting but that's just fine after all she did for me ;-)


  1. Well done J. Yes I would call it a migraine when you literally dont want to move and feel sick, oh dear sounds horrible :( hope you dont have any more and great idea with recording them.

    Teen's can be gone, ours grunts but gets on with it he knows better than to argue ;)


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