Butterflies (again)

The rain has held off and no more sleet for a while so we decided to go to our favourite place, RHS Wisley, and see the butterflies again.

As the last time we went, they had only just started, we thought it would be nice to see how many were around now and we weren't disappointed.  It was nice to get inside the glasshouse too!

S enjoyed using our camera to take some photos of her own. I think she is quite the budding photographer.

Busy taking her own photographs

S knows not to touch the butterflies, even if they land on her.  "Their flying dust will come off if you touch them and then they will die" she told us.  I think that's fairly close to the facts :)

Butterfly spotting

There certainly were more butterflies around this time and they are so beautiful, dancing through the air.

Not a leaf, a butterfly in disguise
There is something quite magical about seeing such exquisite creatures in the warmth of this environment in the middle of winter.  It has made me wish summer would arrive though.


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