Hanging about in the wardrobe

Just off out to do some gardening
I have made a decision. 

I am no longer keeping any clothes 'for best'.  Well, that's a minor untruth because you aren't likely to see me out geocaching or hanging around the school gates in an evening gown, but you get what I mean.

It occurred to me the other day that I seem to be wearing the same clothes repeatedly and yet I have a wardrobe of quite nice things.  Why is this?  Well, things that I really love and think make me look nice I keep for 'best'.  However, I am having almost no 'best' days right now so they are happily hanging around in my wardrobe, aging, but still looking fantastic, because I never put them on.  This seems utterly pointless.

Now, in my younger days, I had good clothes on most of the time (yeah, I slobbed out too but who doesn't?) and then had even better clothes for going out to dinner, balls, theatre, etc.  This was all between my eldest growing up a bit and my youngest being born.  Now I find that I am living in two pairs of jeans, one pair of boots and half a dozen different tops.  

One of the big wake up calls was having some photos taken lately when we've been out. It looks like I only have the one top.  Yes, every single picture over the period of a few weeks in December and early January, I was wearing the same top!  WTF? My wardrobe is bursting with tops.  I was keeping the 30 nicer ones 'for best'.  Not any more.

Some of this stems from when I was a child.  It must be a generation thing that my parents had things 'for best' in the house.  This included the dining room table - which was never used unless we had people to dinner as we all sat around the Formica one in the kitchen - crockery, cutlery, clothes, shoes, jewellery and even linen.  I seem to have inherited this madness trait.  I could understand if I lived a whirlwind lifestyle of dinner dates, appearing at premieres and generally being in the celebrity eye but I don't.  I'm a (mostly) housewife having fun with my girls.  It is clearly noticeable because when I put on a different top, both my 2 and 4 year old girls notice.  Gosh, how boring must my clothes be?

So, I am changing (my clothes). I am going to wear the high heeled boots to pick the girls up from school. I am going to wear the Monsoon silk top to go to Sainsburys and I am going to wear my sparkly earrings for hoovering.  Of course there will always be the few things that I really am not going to wear during the day (no, not like that) such as my ball gown and various other dresses that I have.  I'm not sure gardening in stilettos will be high on my list either, but you get the drift.  Perhaps there will still be some best things after all then but not nearly so many.

This post was brought to you by me, sitting in my old jeans and the same top I've been photographed in for the past 2 months.


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