New Friends

We met up with some new friends today at RHS Wisley. Steph and I have been Tweeting for a while now and a few weeks ago we had our first 'Tweet-up' at a local garden centre cafe. We got on very well and it was lovely to meet someone whom I had chatted to for years already!

Today we met up at Wisley with her daughter E and my two girls.  I was surprised upon arriving at 10am to see car park attendants guiding people in.  Then it dawned on me - it's half term.  It was already very busy.  Being a bit cheeky, I decided to hop the queue and head down to the second car park where I pulled into my favourite space easily. 

I'm pleased to say that our girls got along really well and new friendships were made.  While Steph and I had a good natter walking around, the girls ran, skipped and held hands playing around the garden. It is so lovely to see such young children taking turns, leading the way and having fun.  We spend 2 1/2 hours just strolling around Wisley in glorious sunshine and blue skies.  Here is a little montage of our morning.

You may notice rather a large queue in one picture. This was around 11am and these people are queuing to go and see the butterflies in the glasshouse. I am so glad that we have seen them already three times as I wouldn't want to wait an hour to do so (as lovely as they are).  The joys of children who aren't yet at full-time school should never be underestimated!

Having stopped for a drink and cake at the cafe by the glasshouse, we headed back along another route towards the exit.  A very enjoyable meet up and chat.

Back to the car we headed.  I was surprised to see one vehicle parked on the path as we got to the car park.  The laziness of some people is astounding!  

N was asleep in the car pretty quickly but perked up as soon as we got home so her and S are now playing in the garden.

We are looking forward to meeting up with our new friends again soon.


  1. It is lovely to meet with people you speak to on the internet, tweet-ups facebook-ups etc, i have been party to a few in my time even accidental, been in the same place at the same time, kind of meet ups, it is lovely to hear of days like this going so well and everybody getting on so well.

    1. This was my first and I'm so glad I met Steph. The good thing is you feel you know the person well already as you 'chat' so much beforehand.


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