Pay me more or no eBay doll for you!

Yesterday, after some squabbling over the only Barbie doll in this house (the girls, not me), I decided to buy another one so they had one each.  Oh how I wished I'd not given all J's dolls away some years ago. Hindsight huh?

Anyway, checking out the prices on Amazon, Argos, Toys R Us, etc I was shocked at how much these dolls were. Anything upwards of £15.  Most more like £20-30.  What?  Will it do my ironing?  Would it stop N's tantrums in their tracks?  Now that I *would* pay for!  Not being totally gullible, I decided to turn to my old friend eBay.

I found a few dolls for sale and decided to put a bid on a couple.  Well, it's worth hedging my bets and at low prices and £1.90 postage, I was up for a gamble. I bid up to £2.84 on one and won it at £1.70 (whoopie) and £1.70 on the other but it went for £1.80 in the end.  I had achieved what I wanted. I had a Barbie on it's way.  I paid instantly with PayPal.  It was coming 1st class so hopefully it would be here by the weekend.

Today I receive this from the seller:

"I wanted to post today your doll, but the post office want to charge me £3.65 just to send it to you. Would you be able to pay the difference £2.75?"

As you can imagine.I'm less than delighted and also I'm not a mug. I know exactly how much it costs to send a package by Royal Mail (£2.70 if you want to know) 1st class up to 750g.  Weighing the Barbie we had, she was only 125g so unless the seller was sending her encased in concrete, she couldn't cost more than that to post.  I was being asked for an ADDITIONAL £2.75. That made postage £4.65.  So where did she come up with that figure when she had just told me that the Post Office wanted £3.65?  I smell a rat (or a rip-off merchant more like).

I replied:

"I'm afraid not. I cannot see how they can possibly ask for that as I have a Barbie here and she only weighs 125g. If you pack her into some bubble wrap or a padded envelope, she will still only weigh around 175g. As you can post a small package up to 750g for £2.70, I'm baffled as to what on earth the Post Office are talking about.

I have made errors on postage costs myself but have had to deal with it as I consider it's not fair to ask a buyer to pay more when you've set a price.

I look forward to receiving the doll."

About 10 minutes later, a notification pops into my inbox.  My PayPal payment has been refunded with an email from the seller saying:

"I refunded your money back."

WTF?  I reply:

"Not acceptable. You have made a contract with me. I am now speaking to eBay as I do not see why you should not honour it. You cannot just decide you've made a mistake once a listing has ended and withdraw your item."

At this point I am on the phone to eBay.  No way is this woman going to get away with this.  She has sold 15 dolls yesterday all with £1.90 postage.  Are all these people going to be stupid enough to pay her MORE for postage?

Look, I've done it myself.  You put in a 'guesstimate' and when you weigh the item you've sold, you suddenly find you are down on the money, or worse still (as happened to me once) it has actually cost you to sell it!  Now I use kitchen scales I'll have you know.  That being said, never, ever would I look to the buyer for more money. I have sucked up the loss and sent the item.  Lesson learned.

eBay say that they will deal with her and say I can leave reasonable neutral or negative feedback. Guess which I chose?  They also informed me that she cannot leave anything but positive feedback for me as they disable the other options - nice!  Somehow I don't think I'll be getting any feedback from her.

Here's her feedback. Accurate I'm sure you'll agree "Refused to sell when I would not pay an additional £2.75 postage! eBay aware."

An email then comes in from her again. It says:

"I am sorry, yes I made mistake about postage and I am very unsatisfied about postal charges as well. I do not send parcels regularly, so didn't know how the prices went up. I honor my time and my items and not willing give them for free. I asked you for cooperation and if you don't want to pay, I refunded your payment. I don't believe in bulling and pressure. Some my parcels before went missing and I refunded my customers in full even postage as a good gesture. I see you are selling on ebay as well and had mistakes done, as you said.
I will relies the doll again, but with correct postage. If you would like to bid, you are most welcome.
Sorry for inconvenience."

I didn't reply.  I was losing my temper and was likely to tell her exactly what I thought of her and her suggestion. Is she totally f*cking stupid?  Yes, clearly is the answer!

So, ice_berry25 you have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting (love a bit of Knights Tale).

eBay is a great place to find a good deal most of the time with some super buyers and sellers, but ever so occasionally you find a total scumbag like this.


  1. what a idiot, ive done it myself too, guessed a price for postage and it be too low, but no way would i expect the buyer to pay the extra, i just pay it myself, ive had things sent to me where the seller has had to pay more postage than ive paid, i think its just the way it goes, but what shes done is pathetic. Also a random note, have you a asda near you? i noticed one in there for £4.97, just the barbie, ive looked online at asda and they dont have it online :( hope you find another one :) x

    1. Thank you so much. I did find one - a 'pink box Barbie' for <£10 so I'm happy :)


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