Why does anyone care what you wore?

What I wore Wednesday (night)
I don't get it.

I'm not being rude (ok, maybe I am but who cares) but why on earth would Mrs Average Housewife take photos of themselves on a set day of the week and post those images on Twitter and heaven knows where else?  (Just to reassure you, that's not me on the left - I'd love a pair of legs that slim!)

Firstly, who needs to know you are in a Primark top and Next jeans?  Some take it to a whole new level and add every item of jewellery, footwear and hair accessory they have on too.  Do we care?  No.  What are you trying to prove?  Are these people so desperate for any kind of recognition?

I don't get it.

I can understand following a celebrity and admiring their lovely clothes and shoes.

I can understand young people wanting to emulate their musical or movie heroes and heroines but do these people seriously think that the Twitterverse will rush out to buy their M&Co ankle boots? If they do, they need to see someone about their delusions.

Worse still are the 'mutton dressed as lamb' photographs. Heaven help me.  You cannot and should not wear leggings once you are more than a young teenager. My extremely slim 14 year old daughter won't wear them anymore!  What are you thinking Mrs 30+?  There is no leg shape for leggings other than that of a young child. My 4 year old looks good in them but that's about the age limit they should be aimed at.

As for your Timex watch and Accessorize earrings, unless I'm a burglar and you're showing me some serious gold and diamonds, why would I care?

I can only assume that these poor women (this is not something you see men doing you notice) have such sad, lonely and shallow lives that this is all they can muster to try and get a few little words of praise through the anonymous people who follow them on Twitter.  Makes you wonder what else is going on in their lives.

You may think "is she jealous of the lovely outfits?".  No.  To be honest, I have seen a few (let's face it, it is a weird thing to post and does pique the curiosity) and I wouldn't give them wardrobe room.  Of course, each to their own but owning a Primark skirt isn't my idea of 'making it'. I'm not vain enough to dress up and pretend I haven't (which, let's face it, is probably what most of these people are doing).  Oh come on, do you honestly think they just put on the outfit because they wanted comfort and style?

Like I said...I simply don't get it.


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