You can only play with Marmaduke and Esmerelda

Sorry Wayne, you aren't welcome here
A friend sent me this article that appeared in the Daily Mail written by the horsey looking Katie Hopkins.  Let's face it, it's not like she ever wants to court controversy is it.

Basically what she is saying is that she chooses her children's friends and if not quite so obvious at times, she directs them to play with certain children and not others, and most certainly not any child called Charmaine!

She wants them to mix with the right children who have good influences around them.  That is fair enough.  Let's face it, doesn't every parent?  I certainly wouldn't want my children mixing with a bunch of aggressive thugs. Would any of us?  No, of course not.  So, it seems I agree with her.  Or do I?

The article really is laughable.  She really does come across as a pompous, ignorant, snob.

To quote her:

"At the risk of sounding snobbish, I also favour children who have good old-fashioned Victorian names such as George, Henry and Victoria. And, if a child has a name with a Latin or Greek derivation such as Ariadne or Helena, all the better. It indicates the parents are well educated."

This from a woman who has India, Poppy and Max as names!  Oh dear.

Worse was yet to come.  She asked her 8 year old daughter which children she enjoyed playing with and got this response:

"The children who come to school on time and wear proper school uniforms are the nicest and most fun," she told me.  "If children don't put any effort in, I don't want to play with them."

I am sure the invites to tea are simply flooding in...

If she's so worried about bad influences, why doesn't she simply remove the issue entirely and send her children to private schools where they are highly likely to mix with 'the right sort'?  Mind you, the 'right sort' may not want their children anywhere near this preposterous windbag.

Can you just imagine what it is going to be like for her and her children at the school gates after half term?


  1. Ariadne, I believe, is a name derived from the character from the 'Borrowers' it does not mean the child is from any posh background. Coming from a well to do working class background, my mother always directed me towards nicer children, I found the lower working class, council estate resident children more fun, they were true to form, were not false, what you saw was what you got, they never tried to be something they weren't and there was no airs and graces. The one girl my mum preferred turned out to be quite weird, and I found told lies, my best friend, who lived in one of the local council houses, never fibbed, always told you what she thought, and was true to form, and that is who I stuck with and 32 years later we are still best of friends, mum gave up trying to separate us as friends years ago, she knew she was in a no win situation.


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