Geocaching with Terrible Two (year old)

It started well
Unfortunately N, who is only just 2, has decided that walking is something she is no longer that bothered about doing.  Now, let me put this in context.  She can walk along with us for around 60 minutes but anything more than that and she invariably has a meltdown and wants to be carried. Trouble is she is heavy.  Other problem is that she only ever wants to be carried by me and not by hubby who could ably carry her around for miles!  So a limit of 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back to the car is what we have to work with. Today, we went out for 90 minutes. Oh dear.

We needed some fresh air so went off to pick up another couple of caches near Fairoaks Airport.  This is a lovely area to stroll around (a bit muddy this time of year admittedly) but you can stand literally at the end of the little airstrip and watch planes taking off and landing right over your head.

We parked the car in a little car park nearby and strolled up to the runway.  Typically, about five minutes after leaving the car, N trips over her own wellies and goes down with a thump. She's fine about it and we head off, she just has one slightly dirty hand now. No point cleaning it off until we stop for the sandwiches as she's bound to fall over again (see how well I know my kids?!).

It's a nice walk over some little wooden bridges and around various cowpats as the animals are grazing behind an electric fence nearby.

We reach the airstrip and stop to have a cheese sandwich. Hey, you know all about these by now don't you.  I give each girls hand a wipe first and that's when I see that under the bit of dirt that is left on N's hand, she has a fairly large, clean cut, about an inch long.  She had obviously landed on a bit of gravel that had cut her. Poor little mite.

Now, I'm a clever mummy and carry around Sudocrem, plasters and all sorts in my bag.  The bag that I left in boot of the car...
Waving to the planes (with a sandwich)
We watched some planes taking off and the crews of each waved to the girls as they got to the end of the runway before they revved up and disappeared into the distance.  Nothing was landing so we decided to go off and find the first of the four caches we needed to finish the Mimbridge ring.

The path wasn't the easiest to negotiate as it was a narrow footway beside a small stream, so it was a kind of weird single file hoppy walk trying to hold onto the girls hands between us.  A few horses and sheep watched our endeavors.

We finally reached the cache at the far end of the path near a road we recognised (sadly no parking on it as that would have been very handy) and signed the log.  This was where it all went wrong.

N suddenly decided that she no longer wanted to walk and wanted me to carry her.  I wasn't about to do this as the path was not large and I am prone to wobbling about at the best of times and certainly didn't want to do that near a stream with her in my arms. I could see us both having a very cold dip!  So I said no but hubby said he would take her.  He picked her up and within 3 seconds, she was in full meltdown screaming "NO! Mummy do it!" at the top of her voice.  She then started kicking and trying to hit hubby.  How have we managed to raise such a little monster?

I love my children....I love my children....

Hubby put her down and she cried waiting for me and S to catch up.  She wanted me to pick her up. I said no again but I would hold her hand and walk with her.  This was not good enough.  She tried to throw herself backwards - right by a barbed wire fence!  Hubby and I both saw what was coming and managed to grab her.

I love my children....I love my children....

She then went into total tantrum and was trying to flip herself onto the ground with me holding her arm.  I told her off which just added to her annoyance.  Hubby picked her up kind of sideways and you'd have thought he'd stuck her with a red hot poker!

I love my children....I love my children....

The screams of "Mummy!" were so loud that I'm sure anyone would have thought he was trying to steal her. He put her down again and she just stood there crying. I came up to her and she asked again for me to pick her up and I said no.  She finally held my hand and we did the hoppy, crabby walk back along the path, through the kissing gate and then across the field and bridges back to the car.  Yes, I did carry her once we reached solid, not rutted ground, but only for a few minutes as she really is quite heavy and her suit is wonderfully slippery to hold too.

We got back home and in the door.  Hubby was feeling quite angsty as she is hard work now to go out and about with. She can have a tantrum at the drop of...well, herself most of the time.  We also no longer have a pushchair (not that she would sit in one anyway now without meltdown happening - we know, we tried) to take her anywhere off-road in so I have come to the conclusion that we can only go caching (a) around streets with pavements, (b) by car where we can park next to the cache and hubby or I can jump out or (and we like this one best) (c) when we have someone else to look after N at home. 

It's a shame as S adores going out but N is so unpredictable now that any event where I can't just shove her into her pushchair and live with the screaming down the road is pretty much ruled out.  

We are just hoping that in the next few months this terrible two stage goes away and we get back our nice little girl or I may just eBay her with a note saying 'no returns' ;-)


  1. OH NO Terrible Twos with a capital N? Been there and done that with the son, don't actually think he stopped his strops til age 10, daughter has always been content, used to walk 2 miles with her easily at age 2 as long as there was a drink and chips at the end before walking back, she is now 7, going on 17, we have agreed no caching together unless it is 6oC degrees or warmer as she only tantrums when its cold not about length of walk. Hope you can find some happy medium so that you can go for long walks and N will be happy enough.


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