I want to get on/off/on/off/on....

Drive on S!
The girls have enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the garden yesterday.  The difference fresh air makes really shows in this house.

For one, they both go to sleep so much quicker after playing outside.

It doesn't seem to matter how much they run around indoors, they never tire themselves out as well.  There is something about playing outdoors  that no amount of indoor play can compete with.

They both wanted to go in their car.  They are, however, getting a bit big to squeeze in together.  No matter, they still manage it and enjoy the fact that S drives and N is a kind of 'side-seat-driver' mostly adjusting the mirrors and telling S where to go.  Sounds like most couples!  N can drive herself now too but she tends to simply crash into the chairs/table/wall and shout until S or I go and show her how to go in the other direction. She's equally happy crashing in forward or reverse though which is nice.

They also spent about 45 minutes on the trampoline. A couple of times it was a bit like this:

N: "I want to trampoline"
So I put her on
S: "I want to go on too"
So I put her on
S: "I want to get off now"
So I take her off
N: "I want to get off too"
So I go to take her off to be met with....
N: "No, I am staying on now"
Fine, so I sit down in my chair again when....
N: "I want to get off now"
So I get her off
S: "I want to get on again"
So I put her on
N: "I want to get on too"
So I put her back on 30 seconds after getting her off

All this combined with putting wellies on and off, zipping and unzipping the safety net and putting the ladder in place because, of course, they both want to get on and off 'themselves' now.

But they love the fresh air so despite the fact that trying to sit on my chair was like doing some kind of demented squats, it was fun.

I can't wait for Spring and Summer as we can spend all our days in the garden, over Wisley or out for walks then. What could be better?


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