If it's not on eBay, I don't want it

I needed to get the girls some summer dresses ready for....well...summer (I'm confident we will have a proper one this year) so was on the point of heading off to town to see what was in the sales when I had a lightbulb moment and thought I would check out eBay first.

The variety of dresses was fabulous as you may imagine.  I have bought both girls about 5 dresses each and they are gorgeous (most have arrived already), all from brands such as Next, M&S, Monsoon and Debenhams.  Now, generally to buy such brands you would expect to pay upwards of £18 for a dress but oh no, not me. I got most for around £5-6 including P&P.  There isn't a ropey one among them.  Let's face it, with the summers we have had and how fast children grow out of clothes, they aren't likely to be worn out and most sellers are also very honest.  I also got them a party dress each (we have a few coming up) with little matching cardigans.  They have been so excited to get their 'presents' in the post.

Not to be outdone, hubby said nothing arrives for him ever. Well, I had to address that didn't I (after all, it is his money I am spending!)  We sat down together and he got himself a couple of Paul Smith shirts (one brand new) for £20 each, a Ben Sherman and one other that has slipped my mind.  They are perfect. Even the 'used' one was like it had just come out of a shop.

As for me, you guessed it, I still have more tops arriving daily. I've also ordered a little owl 'junk jewellery' necklace and a set of tumblers (not the people, the glasses).  Bit random I know but I'm probably getting just a tiny bit addicted to eBay.

To be honest, in these days of austerity and everyone tightening their belts, the charity shops and eBay are a booming business. One of my friends gets almost all of her (very nice I might say) clothes from charity shops and the bargains she picks up have amazed me - from shoes to coats, dresses, skirts and everything in between. She really is the Queen of Charity.  It's less easy for me to wander around various charity shops with two little 'uns in tow so my bargain hunting is done online.

The only things I cannot buy on eBay are dresses, skirts and trousers. There are too many different variables. In some shops I am a 12 and others a 14 but even that can vary depending upon the cut or fit so for that I still have to hit the bricks and mortar buildings but that's a small price to pay.

I should add that I also sell on eBay to fund my habit.  In actual fact, I even sell on things I bought from there in the first place if they don't fit.  I'm chuffed to say that last week I received two things that didn't fit properly (a new brand I tried) but fortunately I put them back onto eBay and made money on both!  That's the way to do it.


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