I'm going back to school

Well, not exactly school, but university.

I have just been accepted to commence a research degree (PhD) to start in September of this year.  I'm so excited.

I had my second interview at the university yesterday and they made the offer there and then which was a huge surprise.  I had to stop myself from leaping up and hugging the two gentlemen who will now be my supervisor and adviser.  Full steam ahead now then.

I have wanted to do a PhD for years and it was only considering the point that N would be starting nursery in September and S would be at full-time school, that I realised here was my opportunity.

Originally, I started by thinking about going into teaching as a job (combining academia and a salary) but decided quite quickly that may not be for me.

I then considered going back to work but into an academic environment such as a school or university perhaps in an administration role.  Of course my feelings were mixed because I felt that hubby had, after all, supported us and worked hard for the last almost 5 years and I really should go get a job but the other side of me wanted to now do something for me. Selfish?  Maybe.  Fortunately my hubby didn't see it that way.

So, I will be a student at the end of this year. An 'mature' student that's for sure!  I'm not sure I will get away with the type of clothes that many of the students were wearing at the university yesterday - they must all be horse riders or else jodhpurs and riding boots are now all the fashion.

You can follow my new blog all about getting ready for (and eventually dealing with) student life as someone a tad *cough* past 40 at The 40 Year Old Student


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