Just a little bit addicted

And there's more...
I need help.

Yes, I have to admit to an addiction.  

I'm finally owning up to being just a tiny bit of an eBay addict.  

You guessed that right?

I have found that I am doing a daily search for the brands that we like for me, hubby and all the girls.  I've even bought the teen a summer dress. 

Last night I got another 3 dresses for the youngest two, have bid on 2 more shirts for hubby and 3 more tops for me.  I've even got a bid on a fancy dress outfit for S.  Addicted?  Yep!  And why not.

If you can knock your pride to one side, what is wrong with buying something that someone else once owned? After all, many people have been doing that for years.  There is even a song in the charts at the moment called 'Thrift Shop' about a chap buying old clothes and looking fantastic in them and questioning why others are buying a t-shirt for $50.  I like that song.  

...and there's more!
Charity shops used to be viewed as the place to go for 'old tat' and a resource for those with very little money. Not any more.  Some of them sell the most amazing things.  Our town centre store has 'new' (how does that work?) bridal gowns.  Go to an upmarket area and you'd be amazed the designer labels you can find in a charity shop.

If that's not for you but you don't want to keep paying High Street prices - especially for designer labels - there are a host of 50/50 shops around.  One of our nearest ones is located in Sunningdale - not exactly a rough and ready area!  To be fair, it is hard to imagine anyone 'used' some of the things on offer.  I suspect many of the ladies buy dresses to be worn once at Ascot and then discarded for fear that someone will recognise that they have worn it before - oh the shame.  Mind you, with these items comes the associated price.  You can easily spend £100-200 on an evening dress there, and that's 2nd hand!  Talk about extremes of price.

So I am proud to say I am rarely buying 'new' clothes now and even prouder to say that our wardrobes are simply busting with gorgeous new (to us) outfits.  The nicest thing? The girls faces when a new dress turns up for them. My little thrifty fashionistas.


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