M&S Jeans for £1

Yes, it's true.  This morning I popped to my local M&S to get myself another pair of jeans.  I was going to splash out and spend £12.50 again (I'm a bit wild like that) on their lovely 'economy' range that fit me so well, so arriving I had a nose through the rails.  Sadly the medium length was sold out so it was short or long.  Long is just that bit too long for me but I took a pair anyway and thought about (a) higher heels or (b) wonder web!

As I was passing another stand, I spotted some 'slim boot' cut jeans which looked very nice but were £19.50 a pair.  Wow, I was pushing the boat out now. I found a medium in those and went to the changing room.

Having tried both pairs on, I decided to opt for the slightly pricier pair and headed for the till.

The lady scanned the jeans.  The till said £1.  She said the tills have been playing up. I laughed saying hey I'd buy them for £1.  She scanned them again and even tried another till. Yep, £1.  She called over another lady who looked at them, scanned them and agreed they were £1 and that is what I was charged.  I handed over a shiny coin.  I never normally have this kind of luck so I said "I'm off to get another pair at that price" and the till lady agreed it would be silly not too.  I grabbed another pair and brought them back to the till. She scanned them - £19.50.  Oh.  What?  She compared bar codes. It seems the one pair I picked up originally were 'old stock' and hence had been reduced to £1 and other other was 'new stock'.  We couldn't see anything different about them other than the bar code - same style, size, colour, trim.  Hey, I was delighted anyway. I did peek at the bar codes of the other medium lengths while I was heading to the food hall but no other bar codes like the ones I had.  What luck!

Arriving at the food hall and getting my shopping, I went to the self check-out till, rang up my items and tried to by with my debit card.  Declined. What?  I tried again.  Declined.  I called the lady over. She explained they were having a lot of problems with the tills. She tried.  Declined.  She asked me and another couple of customers who were also having problems to come to the service desk with her.  Off we trundled.  They tried all of our cards. Declined. All of us.  They tried again.  Declined.  A queue was building up by the tills of people with declined cards.  I decided that rather than risk my card being stopped for being tried so many times, I would head to the cashpoint and get some real money.  A few others did the same.  Cash in hand I went back and paid for my goods.  I can only imagine the problems that M&S are going to have today.  One of the chaps behind the counter said it started last week but is getting worse.  I bet he's glad he doesn't work in a central London store!


  1. Way to go with the £1 jeans, have to say I am wondering if there was no different in style that somebody somewhere has accidentally in the warehouse put on the wrong bar code, you know, having a bad day with management so thought lets stick an old bar code to really lose them some money, ok over active imagination on my part like but I am sure it has been done by upset warehouse workers ;)


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