Mr Maker clearly has much better glue

Oo-la-la-la-la Mr Maker
We got our fabulous Mr Maker craft kit this morning.  The girls love doing all things 'crafty' so when I spotted this lovely kit in the Yellow Moon catalogue, it was a must buy.  Yellow Moon are a great company that donate money to specified charities when you buy things from them.

It contains (among other things) tissue paper, pom poms, pipe cleaners (not called that now as it's probably politically incorrect to have such things in a child's craft box), various shapes, lolly sticks (I nearly screamed at spotting those), card, glue sticks and,of course, googly eyes (we all know Mr Maker loves his googly eyes).

Naturally, the moment it arrived the girls wanted to make something but we had plans. Once back in the house though, the box came out and off we went.

First project was to make a bug for each of the girls.  They selected their lolly stick (eugh) and then stuck the pom poms on with the 'glue stick' provided.  They fell off straight away.  The glue stick (yes, Pritt with a different name) was no good at all for such tasks so I got out the PVA glue I have.  Sadly, as with all children, they expect it stuck in seconds so much waving around of pom poms on sticks resulted in them falling off and me almost sticking my fingers together as I had so much glue on the go trying to get the pom poms to stay on while being spun through the air by over-excited children.
Keep it *very* still
 Calming down the excitement, I found the wing template and the girls chose their tissue paper colours for the wings.  Naturally, we have multi-coloured bugs in this house and each was different.  I cut them out and then cut the pipe cleaner to length (they chose the same colour for this - pink) and made the wings. As I wound them around the lolly stick between the pom poms, the bloody things fell off again. I was losing my patience with them at this point.
Yeah, here it is. What else is in the box?
Keeping calm, I stuck the pom poms on for about the 100th time and proceeded to then let the girls get two googly eyes each.  Of course trying to stick those to the pom poms with fingers already covered in glue just meant....yep, the pom poms fell off again!  Glad I had the girls sitting looking at me so happily or I'd have gone into total Tourettes at that point.  I persevered and they look kind of good don't they.

They wanted to play with the bugs immediately. As they waved them around, yep, you guessed it, the blasted pom poms fell off again. What glue does Mr Maker actually use because I want some as it must be better than Superglue!

A plan formulated.

I got out the sewing kit.

The girls looked puzzled.

I sat down and sewed the pom poms onto the lolly stick!  Ta-da!  Dare you to try and fall off now you fluffy lump of...err....fluff.
No stitching to bee seen (see what I did there?)
The bugs are now happily drying on the radiator and I am comfortable in the knowledge that the wings may tear and the googly eyes will probably fall off and get stuck fast in the carpet or on the sole of my foot but those pom poms will stay on the stick forever.


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