Orchids in the Glasshouse at RHS Wisley

We went over to RHS Wisley today to finally get a good walk and some fresh air.  As we arrived, I suddenly realised I had left my purse at home.  Panic!  My RHS Membership card was in said purse which was happily hanging in the closet at home.  Thinking we wouldn't be able to get in, we enquired at the entry kiosk but the lovely lady took some details from me and let us through.  Phew!  Thank you so much for that as even though we don't live too far away, we didn't have enough time due to S's swimming lesson today to get back home and back to the garden.

Firstly we wandered through the Pinetum and down to the bird hide. I think I've finally managed to walk (almost) all of Wisley Gardens now but hubby has not and this is an area he hadn't been to before.  We managed to spot some birds at the hide and wrote them on the blackboard.  We may have cheated slightly with 'Robin' as he was outside before we went in.  I'm sure no-one will mind.  N saw a lot more than the rest of us did but I think many such as the eagle were possibly from her imagination (unless someone at Wisley can tell me there is a Golden Eagle flying around the gardens?)

We then took a nice walk back along the stream to the Glasshouse. There is currently a wonderful exhibition on there of Orchids (from 16th March to 14th April).  I know that you will always find them in the glasshouse but this really is something to behold. The people who do the displays at Wisley are amazing and this was no exception.  In the smaller room to the right as you enter, was a film show about orchids and many of the plants displayed beautifully in 'frames' with black backgrounds along with notes as to the variety and, in some cases, where they liked to live around your house.  

Outside of this area were some fantastic displays of the orchids.  The girls were fascinated by their aerial roots.  I, of course, adore orchids and I have to say the displays here were almost as good as the one I have on my kitchen windowsill at home *grin*

We then went into the glasshouse proper (S wanted to know where the 'curtains' had gone as the plastic had been there last time we came to see the butterflies - and then, of course, where the butterflies had gone to).  A few people in waders were setting up another part of the display in the small pond so we headed upstairs to look at all the plants there. All of the railings had plants hanging from them and the displays and smells were amazing.

Down the steps we went to look at even more varieties. I have been astounded at how varied in shape, size and colour they are.  A real education.

Once we had finished, we headed off towards the car park, spotting these funny looking ducks who were settling down on the grass for a rest.  

Another really enjoyable visit to our favourite gardens.


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