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Since one of my lovely friends gave me a gorgeous Julien Macdonald Star top for helping her put a load of things on eBay, I'm addicted to this style and want more of these lovely outfits.

I decided that rather than spend a fortune in Debenhams, I would buy some more from eBay.  Off I went scanning for items and have been a busy bunny bidding on lots.  I've won five so far (I set a limit of what I will pay) and out of the four that have arrived, two are brilliant, one is a bit short for my existing muffin top and the other is a little tight around the chest (clearly not designed for slightly larger boobies!).  But I'm happy with them all.

Today, the fourth one arrived and what struck me as I opened the package was the smell. It wasn't anything nasty I'm pleased to say - I guess it could have been stale cigarettes and wet dog - but it reeked of perfume. It smelled like the previous owner had spilled an entire bottle of 'L'eau Cheap' all over it.  It knocked you backwards.  The top itself is lovely but what possesses anyone to sell something without putting it through the wash first?  I mean, surely you're not going to sell something you've just worn out for the evening...are you?

I would never consider selling any item of clothing without giving it a wash first.  It seems that may be just me though.

I'm also selling a bunch of items right now (trying to offset the things I'm buying you see) and I had to laugh at the cheek of one potential buyer.  I got an email this morning saying:

"If you don't get any bids on the Armani shirt, I will buy it from you for £7.50 including postage."

Hey, thanks.  Let me think....no, fuck off!  Firstly, I have it advertised for £15 as it was only worn once and cost over £100 to buy.  Secondly, I am not about to include postage in the price.  What was this person honestly thinking?


  1. ewww hate lots of perfume, it makes me nauseous. as for the cheeky bidder at £7.50, i would say yes thats fine and the postage is £7.50 ie equalling £15 minimum

    1. I never thought of that Angie! Good idea ;-) I have washed the top now and would you believe it is *still* overpowering with perfume!


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