Snug as a (travel) Bug

Before the threatened snow appeared, we wanted to get out today and stretch our legs.  More importantly, I had some travel bugs that unfortunately I had held on to for around a month (lack of time and weather to get out with the little cachers) and I really wanted somewhere to leave them so they may reach their goals.

We had going to Halfords this morning and bought a bicycle for N which was being made so it was an even better excuse to waste an hour or so at our favourite pastime.

A quick glance at the map and the little village of Lightwater looked a good option. You may recall that N is walking everywhere now and sometimes she doesn't want to go too far so we need a few caches with some parking nearby.

We stopped at the first one cleverly called Turfhill Travel Bug Motel and parked up. This area is quite close to the M3 so I was hoping that the bugs would get a good rest and then be off on their journeys.  The path was quite muddy but we had brought our wellies and away we went.  It was only a 200m walk to GZ and an easy spot.

The girls liked the little 'sleeping bag' for travel bugs.  It was nice and cosy so I popped the Buddha that wants to get to Sicily into it as he was likely to get coldest.  S said goodbye to him first.

Hope Sicily is warmer!
I also placed in Hopper Cachekinz which N wanted to hold and place in.  He's off to Bath first.

Yeah, here it is, what else is in the box?
Lastly a lovely Geocoin as you can see from the top picture.

All logged and back to the car we went and away to our next couple of caches.  We parked up at an area we did not even know existed (another one!) at Lightwater Country Park.  Off we went through the trees to Toad in the Hole.  Quite an obvious place but we started at the wrong side as the GPS was bouncing a bit under the coverage.  A quick spot by hubby (who went to the other side) and the retrieve was left to N who was delighted to find it as you can see.

Off to our next one Welcome to Lightwater 3 which was across a little pond/lake. There were some people here feeding the ducks and you could walk over a little bridge or through the 'dip' which the girls natually chose.  A good way to clean off your wellies!

Clean those wellingtons
The cache was soon in hand, nicely found by S.  We'd seen quite a few of these before so it was an easy spot - even for a 4 year old.

Back we went to the children's playground for a quick go on the swings and slide before we left (no, I don't mean we did, the girls did of course).  A few caches in hand and a new bicycle ready to collect.  Not a bad hours fun.


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