There's a hole my jeans

The invisible woman
 in jeans
Now I don't know about you but I do have a bit of a nightmare in some shops trying to find jeans in particular. With the variety of cuts and lengths, sometimes it seems an impossible task to get a pair to fit.

I am clearly an odd shape. I have a small waist, big bum hips and quite chunky large thighs but neat calves. In the old days I believe it was called 'curvy'. Today it seems to be a size no-one caters for as the manufacturers seem to have thought us women all go straight down from our waists to our ankles.

I have worn my favourite jeans so much they have a hole in one knee. None of this 'pre-worn look', oh no, this is genuine wear.  No matter how trendy it is, it makes me realise my jeans are, quite frankly, knackered. Hubby suggested I nip out today and pick up a few pairs for myself to go along with the range of tops I now possess.

I decided to head to M&S to get a few.  Hubby was aghast and said didn't I want to go into town and get some 'proper' ones.  By this I think he was referring to Levi's or Wranglers (actually, do the latter still exist?).  However, the jeans I love and live in are all Per Una ones from Marks so I'm was on a mission today to find some more.

Arriving at M&S I immediately spot lots of jeans in various colours (who does wear those really, really deep blue ones?), styles and sizes.  I happily wander the aisles and get myself a good armful of different ones and head to the changing room. I even picked up M&S own 'economy' version of straight leg jeans which retail at £12.50. Oh come on, they are bound to be shite a bit basic but they are worth a try on just for a laugh.

I should mention that having now lost some weight (and hopefully I'll never find it again) it was lovely to just take one size in to try on.  Last time I had to take two different sizes as my thighs would not allow my bum to even say hello to some of them!

The trying on began.  I like my jeans with a bit of stretch to them.  My mum would probably have described them as being 'comfortable' but I hesitate to say that as it paints a picture I really do not want of my clothes...

All of them were lovely and I was especially impressed with the Marilyn style jeans which literally fitted me like a glove.  Despite my lumps and bumps, having a small waist normally means to get jeans to fit all the slightly larger bits, I used to end up with 6" of material flapping about around my waist which only a belt would get under control. Jeans and a belt.  I shudder at the thought.

Once I'd narrowed it down to the particular colours and style I wanted and liked the best, I decided to go for two pairs.

I chose a lovely pair of kind of 'jousers'. They are not quite trousers and not quite jeans - a bit of both see?  I just made that up but you never know, it may catch on. Who'd have thought anyone would buy something called jeggings?

And the second pair?  Yep, you guessed it, the £12.50 ones!  You could have knocked me down with a plastic M&S jeans belt.  It goes to show that you don't always need to pay lots to get good fit.


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