Bunnies and streams

Yesterday my best friend and I met up for lunch and a spot of geocaching in Amersham Old Town.  The reason we picked this area was that is was a nice mid-way point between us and we hadn't explored it before.

We managed to arrive almost at the same time which was great and decided to grab a cache or two before having out lunch, which was booked for 1pm in a pub called The Swann.

Walking along the lovely houses, we spotted a little pathway with a stone bridge crossing the stream, leading on to fields and the back of houses that each had their own little 'bridge' to their back gate. I wouldn't want to negotiate some of those after one or two glasses of wine.  Absolutely gorgeous though with the tiniest little strips of garden we had ever seen. Almost chocolate box picturesque.

A stream by your back garden
Our first cache was Top Down (Old New) 3 Riverside and despite the GPS pointing us to an area where we would have to either wade in the stream or invade someone's garden, we had a good rummage around.  I suddenly spotted the cache quite exposed in it's hiding place.  We signed the log and G left a beautiful geocoin to continue it's journey.  A short wait for a couple of dog walking muggles to pass and we were on our way.
Do we cross?
We walked back over the little bridge and down to the end of the High Street to collect the aptly named Leaving Old Amersham micro.  Nattering away we spotted the cache quickly but had to wait for a passing muggle (who seemed to smile knowingly) and some cars to move along before we made the retrieve.  It was a longer wait to put the cache back as the traffic flow was a priority system and a small queue had formed. I'm sure the drivers wandered what these two women were doing standing by a village sign staring at their phones.

At this point we walked back to the pub and took our table in the window to have lunch and a jolly good natter - putting the world to right as we do when we meet up.  Delicious lunch and dessert over, we headed off down a small road near the pub to our next area.

Cherry Pie proved to be a quick spot for G and I got this lovely photo of her with the cache.  We both decided that the lane was a lovely area to live.

'Cherry Pie'
We carried on up to the end and followed the footpath into a field. The sun was shining and it finally felt like Summer was on it's way.  Hard to believe last weekend it was pouring with rain and very cold indeed.

Friends about to spot rabbits
The field seemed to have an abundance of rabbits bobbing in and out of the hedgerow.  G also spotted a gorgeous pair or woodpeckers near the end by the trees.  Greater Spotted we think they were.  Having reached the corner of the field, we realised that we were in the wrong corner.  That's what nattering away will do to your caching game you see.  The trees were busting with buds and as we approached the right area, a man popped up out of nowhere with his dog and headed to where we wanted to be.  We hung back chatting and admiring the trees and fields and he disappeared, but within minutes he was back, went past us and down a bank into a car park.  No sign of a poop bag so we'll watch our step!

We got to Bunny Field and began to look around while another dog walking muggle went past. She was a bit more suspicious and seemed to hang around and keep looking back at us. I do wonder what some muggles think when they see people lurking around staring at phones/GPS devices and then diving off into the undergrowth.  The cache was quickly spotted in it's hiding place but I did wonder for a moment how to get it as barbed wire blocked the obvious route.  It turned out that my arm was long enough to reach around the tree and snag the prize.

Off down the next piece of footpath which took us along the back of a set of new flats.  How funny to be walking along looking in the 3rd floor windows.  A tree had fallen across the path recently (leaves were just dying on it) and we had to kind of duck/crawl underneath.  It's all part of the fun.  I did get my rucksack handbag slightly caught but managed a quick escape.

We both quite fancied owning this house
Our next target was Amersham to Little Missenden Memorial Garden.  Lots of muggles around on this sunny  day so we checked the clue.  The two of us did a bit of stealth gazing around and G went in for the retrieve.  We aimed for a bench to sit on.  It was grabbed by some old ladies.  Darn. Foiled.  We went for another. A chap standing next to it looked at us and sat down as we approached. Foiled again.  Third time lucky and the cache was signed.  Putting it back, G dropped it but we had the failed drop covered with an "I dropped my money, hold on" and she made the replace.  I wonder if anyone noticed?

We then took a walk through the cemetery with some very unusual shaped graves.  Over another gorgeous stone bridge to where a lot of people were enjoying the grass by the stream in the sunshine.  We headed up the path to Top Down (Old New) 4 Don't fall in and had a guess where the cache would be.  G was in sensible flat boots and I had ones with heels, therefore when she checked the place we both suspected and found nothing, I was trying to convince her to head further down towards the stream to look (note I sent her down while I waited!) but she spotted something higher up that looked promising.  She was correct and we made the retrieve.

Back to the pub we headed but first noticed a duck and her duckling...or two...or three battling the current of the stream being whisked away. G managed to get this quick shot.

Wait for me mum!
We had a nice walk up the old High Street again, nosing into the interesting shop windows and finally taking a seat in the beer garden of The Swann for a cooling drink before we headed home.  A great 5 hours chatting and caching together.


  1. Are you and your friend's sisters? I had to double take on the photograph of your friend I thought it was you with longer straighter hair


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