Caching between the downpours

I found the kiss
We fancied picking up a couple of caches today but the weather has been quite iffy.  One minute sunshine, the next rain.

Teen didn't want to be parted from Facebook so the rest of us jumped into the car and off to a couple of local caches that we needed.  We parked up and headed off.  Expecting mud (after the weird weather we've had the last couple of days) we were sensibly in our wellies but they were almost not needed.

We were around the back of the Priory Hospital - a famous chain known for treating celebs.

Our first cache was The Dead Half and the GPS was jumping around a bit under the coverage.  As we know these COs style, we knew what to look for (nice clues in the titles) and soon spotted a likely suspect.  Hubby climbed the ridge to check and made the spot but S went in for the find and retrieve, logging herself another cache in the process. She has 138 now. Not bad for a 4 year old.

What you don't know is that hubby and I are often no more than referees when we go out now.  The two little ones argue like crazy about who is allowed to find the cache when they are both in the mood to hunt for them.  Quite a lot of the time they just enjoy the walk but sometimes a small fight can erupt about who finds and who puts back and it gets quite heated.  Who'd have thought they would argue over Tupperware?

Back we headed to pick up Waiting for a Kiss at the Gate halfway across a field by a little stream/run-off.  Being a bit too keen I marched past GZ and went to look where I suspected the find may be. I was wrong. We all looked the wrong side for a while then hubby and N went back through and quickly hubby spotted it. He stood back and carefully directed N who was delighted to make the find as you can see from the picture.  Another one logged for her which makes 11 finds.

Between two caches
The couple we wanted done, we headed back to the car and just got in as the heavens opened again.  I'm now sitting her looking out of the window at glorious sunshine.


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