Is it in the tree? Behind the sign? Or somewhere else?

Coo-eee, I'm up here
On Monday we finished off the Pirbright ring that we started Sunday.

It was quicker going around this circuit this time than it was 1 1/2 years ago with the girls (see here).

We parked up and started at #24, working our way backwards for this leg of the circuit.  A quick spot with the aid of the clue but I did wonder if we were heading into someone's driveway at one point.

The sun was out so this was going to be another nice stroll around.

Off to find #23 in the woods.  The GPS waved us off the path to our left and away we went to explore.  Having a quick look around, hubby and I spotted the container quite quickly.  What a super one too.  Can you just imagine the squeals of delight when the girls saw this swinging in the breeze?

They both tried to retrieve it with daddy's lifting help but it was on a little 'seatbelt' type tensioner and they were trying to tug it down.  Hubby gentle lowered it and the log was signed.  A definite favourite from me, if for nothing else than the girls delight at finding it!

Left right, quick march
Another short stroll through the woods to #22.  It was great to just be walking along and listening to nothing but bird song.  A small bridge appeared and it was clear we were off over it to the next prize.  As hubby lifted S over, he spotted the cache immediately.   I hope it lasts as it's a fun place to put it but despite the camo on the container, it was easy to see.  Girls were disappointed it did not detach from the post.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to cache we go
As we crossed the field a very scary beast ran over to us from a nearby house.  Grey fur flying in the breeze, it bounded through a gap in the fence, did the most endearing 'meow' and rubbed around my legs.  Hello kitty!  Unfortunately for this poor cat, she was clearly an object for abstract terror for N who hates almost everything that walks, flies or swims at the moment.  Daddy had to pick her up when she realised our furry friend was coming for a bit of a stroll with us. I think N's squeals and protests were too much to bear though so she gave up and wandered off at the other side of the stile.

Fear me
Away from the terror that had stalked us, we headed up the pathway and across a cattle grid to continue on the footpath to our next find.  The field next to us had horses and Shetland ponies in it which N calls "little horses" (quite right too).  #21 was up on us and it was spotted quickly by me.  Unfortunately, the minor altercation between the girls as to whose turn it was to get the next cache was put to bed due to the fact that neither of their arms could reach it so hubby made the grab.  Unfortunately today I'd forgotten all of my swappables but there wasn't much to take anyway, unlike yesterday.  The girls were happy to see what was inside and then put the items back.

Shush...I'm hiding
Along the footpath we headed and past another lovely house and around the corner.  Boy, I want to live around this area.  We would never know these places existed if it wasn't for our hobby.

#20 was marginally elusive as there were lots of options and the GPS decided to have a bounce around but having walked up and down a few metres, we spotted it.

#19 was next on the hit list.  A dog barking behind a large fence made the girls (and us) jump but we carried on our way.  Hubby made the spot as we approached, despite the stickoflague.  Another one bagged.  I now remembered where we were. This was the area we'd walked around before and made a wrong turn and ended up the other end of Pirbright to our car.

Hide me again then
The area around here was quite marshy and so very heavy with settled water so I'm glad we all had our wellies/boots on again today.  Bit of slipping and sliding down the path and me then taking us the wrong way for a few metres before realising the 'path' we were following suddenly stopped. Hubby had said we needed to cross the bridge a bit further up but I was sure we could go another way round. I'm not going to live this down am I - especially as I had the map!

Has N swallowed a bee?
The girls enjoyed clambering over the bridge and we explained to S and N that it had the piece in the middle to stop horses going over.  S suggested they could just go through the water which is a point I suppose.

Back to terrafirma and off to #18.  We spotted what was an obvious choice but nothing was there. The GPS then swung around to say it was behind us and the suspect was spotted. I do wonder sometimes if people realise what is lurking behind their house names or road signs?

What's lurking behind your house name?
I'm developing green-eyed-house-envy around here.  Goodness me there are some fantastic houses. What do all these people do? They can't all be merchant bankers (in the real sense of the word) can they?  Come on Lottery, do your thing!

Tummies were beginning to rumble now so we said we'd stop the other side of the alleyway.  In the meantime we had #17 to find.  It was a quick spot and my nimble fingers retrieved it. I'm glad all the logs are coming out of the containers easily as I'd forgotten my tweezers (again!).

Off to #16 which was where we would rest our legs for a moment and have a nice ham roll (today's menu plus the usual fruit of course).  The end of the alleyway was a mud bath and very slippery but fortunately on the opposite side of the quiet road was a big puddle and we took the opportunity to splash through (yes, all of us) and clean our boots, much to the amusement of the man eating lunch in his van parked up. Yep, right opposite the cache.

We stopped to grab our food and I made the retrieve from behind the girls, pretending to rummage around in the rucksack that was on the ground.

Lunch and a cache - super
Food eaten and we headed off to our next area along the footpath by a rather busy road. We don't enjoy any kind of 'road caching' as a family but knew there wasn't much for us to stroll along here.  #15 was fairly obvious but my GPS was saying the side we were on. Unless I was around 7' tall that just wasn't going to happen and sitting on hubby's shoulders at a roadside would have looked, well, odd!  Leaving the girls with him working their way through apple slices, I dashed across the road and spotted the cache immediately.  Quick sign (pardon the pun) and we were on our way.

Fascinated by a bee
#14 was back on green land and we remembered this from last time and made the spot quickly. The girls both wanted to try and make the retrieve but they couldn't grasp it. While hubby was hunting for a geostick to help, I plucked it from its hiding place and signed.

Snug as a cache
Up another footpath between some houses (and made to jump by another dog in the garden) and we were at our final cache of the day, #13.  Hubby had walked straight past it but I spotted where it was. I was worried about dropping it and almost did!  Fortunately I held on and got it signed safely and back in place.

You've come too far.  It's back that way
The girls and hubby had walked a little further around the corner and been greeted by this fellow who wandered what we were doing wandering around by his field.

Back we went and, naturally, no day caching around Pirbright is complete without a visit to the playground before heading home.


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