Is that a babysitter I spot?

Baby. Sitting.  Asleep.  Easy!
It's great having a teenager around.  I know, you probably think I'm crazy to say that but it's true.  After all, we now have our very own babysitter which means that some tasks become that much simpler now that I don't have to bundle the littlest two into the car, out again, in again and out again just because I have to pop to the shop and get a toilet roll.

Secondly, it means we can think about going out for an hour or so on our own now and again.  We could even hold hands without S or N pushing in the middle demanding to be swung.  Who'd have thought it?

When we had children, we knew that life as we had known it would change somewhat.  We used to be out quite a bit together and of course that stopped. I'm not sure we realised how much it would come to a halt but, to be honest, it wasn't a problem.  Our little family means the world to us.

The last time hubby and I went out was in July 2012 when one of my lovely friends came over to babysit for us so we could go to the school's Summer Ball. We had a blast and felt just a bit naughty not getting home until turned midnight.  We hadn't been out that late since before the girls were born!

Of course we've had the odd meal out (anniversary once a year - let's not push it) and once we went for a birthday geocache for hubby (you'll recall the story of how unsuccessful that was I'm sure).  However, we normally (a) went out in the day for a couple of hours max or (b) went out to dinner at 7pm and were home again by 8.30pm.  I'm sure the waiters thought there was something about their restaurant we didn't like as I don't think they've ever seen people eat so fast.

This year there are two events that we know of.  I know, what a social whirl we have going on.  We're off to the Ball again and my friend has kindly agreed to babysit once more for us so we can be dirty stop-outs, and next month we've been invited to a charity event.  As I don't want to put upon my friend twice in a year, we asked J if she would consider babysitting for us for a few hours (we won't be out too late you see).  I can't say her enthusiasm lifted the roof and, to be fair, I'm not sure she even said she'd consider it but when we mentioned we would give her £20 for doing so, she did mutter something about "easy money" so I'm assuming that was a kind of yes.

The youngest two will be in bed by the time we leave and we have already said we'll aim to be home about 10.30pm.  As we've not left J with the girls on her own at night, one of our fabby neighbours has said she would be around so if J has any worries, she can either phone or run across to her and she'll whiz over and sort anything out.  That gives both J and us peace of mind.  I'm not sure why the nighttime aspect bothers me more as, let's be honest, there is more likely to be an accident or fight between the youngest during the day when they are running around and I've never really worried about leaving J with them then.  Admittedly, it's only been a few times and that's because hubby was at work and I had a birthday party to take S to so J looked after N for an hour or two, normally until hubby got home.  She is super with her little sisters so they love having time with her.  But something about nighttime worries me more.  I know it's illogical but maybe it's more that we will be a bit further away (only 30 minutes drive) than I've usually gone when she's babysitting.

Anyway, two events in one year is quite the treat.  Mind you, we have to get J to fully agree yet before we purchase tickets and even the lure of a crisp £20 note hasn't quite guaranteed that - she is an unpredictable teenager after all *grin*


  1. £20 and a new pair of awesome leggings to her collection? Yes I have noticed that on photographs in your blog J seems to have the most wicked leggings, one pair I kind of noticed because they were similar to mine but others, wow shes a lovely teenager and a great eye for unique fashions


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