You're never too old for a curly slide

Again! Again!
Typically, hubby has taken some leave and I'm ill.  That seems to be the norm now.  This time I've managed to get bronchitis which is a real drag.  I'm on strong antibiotics since yesterday and hoping that by the time tomorrow comes, I will be able to go out and do some stuff.

However, never one to want to be stuck at home, we decided to take the girls over to the park at Sunningdale yesterday as they both love the 'curly slide'.  Well, to be fair, S loves it but N was too small last time we went.  Not any more though.

We parked up and I had a gentle walk around (coughing like a woman who has smoked 10 cigars a day for a few years) and watched the girls having fun.  I did amble off to pick up a quick geocache too (well, it would have been rude not to). Trying to look inconspicuous by a main road with a sudden proliferation of cars whizzing by wasn't easy but I managed to retrieve, sign and get it back quickly.

Hubby had to join in.  What better excuse to go down the curly slide himself than to say he had to follow N up the curly ladder to make sure she didn't slip and fall. Of course, once he's at the top of the slide, the only way to go is down.  He wasn't the only dad pulling this stunt as another joined in afterwards.  I'm not sure who was having more fun.

I can't really say how he could justify the ride on the metal horse but he did. 

He couldn't fit into the swings though.

And he missed the trampoline to try out (but said he would next time we went).

Eventually my coughing just got too much and I felt tired from all my photographic efforts so we headed off home for the girls to play in the garden. 


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