Do trout play football?

We wanted to head out somewhere different today and have a nice walk so I did a search on the Geocaching maps and found a place called Albury (near Shere) which had a little ring that would be ideal for us to stretch our legs before the weather folded again in the afternoon (as the forecasters had predicted).  We parked up at the cricket pitch car park which had just a couple of cars in it and by the pavilion there seemed to be a few gazebos going up. A team of young footballers were at play so perhaps it was match day.

We were going to do the Trout Trail ring today.  As you go round you need to pick up clues at each cache for a final puzzle one (#8) so we headed off to our first cache on the narrow road by the side of the cricket ground.  Trout Trail #1 was a quick spot for us. Log signed, puzzle info written down and we carried on down the road.

Trout Trail #2 was up quite a slope so we decided to send in hubby for the retrieve.  He did a good job without slipping down the bank and it was soon in hand. I decided to drop off Fynn-Oles Geocoin here as I'd had it for a little while.  Second one of puzzle retrieved.

Trout Trail #3 was by the railway bridge.  The GPS was pointing to one side of the road but nettles were high there.  Hubby decided to look the opposite side and made the find.  Sadly the log was very damp but we managed to sign it. However, no puzzle info.  Oh no.  Gutted. Does this mean #8 will elude us unless we can guess a number?  Hubby and teen thought that perhaps this was someone elses old cache so went for a hunt around the side the GPS was pointing to but alas, nothing else.  Some horses came past us down the hill, meeting some cyclists going up. As the cyclists went past, one shouted out "Hello geocachers" and we laughed saying "Are we that obvious" and he called back "I know where it is".  Note to self - work on stealth!

Fishy, fishy, fishy
Around we went to Trout Trail #4 and this is where we actually spotted the trout farm.  The girls were fascinated by the fish popping out of the water.  I went for the find here and was glad of my wellies as the nettles were high and a branch had fallen down which I had to scramble over.  Job done and cache in hand.  J had taken a different approach then realised she couldn't get through and was shouting help to me as a couple went past with their dog. They looked at me in a puzzled fashion, clearly decided I was mad and carried on their way.

We weren't quite sure whether to follow the bridleway here or carry on around the road.  Hubby suggested the bridleway so we went through the kissing gate and then the GPS map showed the road was correct so back we went through again.  A snack was in order at this point.

A nice walk up towards a railway crossing was just around the corner.

We're coming
It's not often that you see unmanned pedestrian crossings anymore so it was a good talking point for the girls as we also explained to them how careful you must be around trains and railways.  I know they are too young to understand at the moment but it's never too early to start imparting some essential information.

Stop, look, listen
On up the hill after watching a train pass a few minutes after we'd reached the other side to Trout Trail #5 which was quite an obvious location.  Making the retrieve wasn't so easy.  S decided she was going in to get the cache and off she went (we'd checked all was fine first). She was very proud of herself getting it and putting it back while J was jumping around saying "there might be a spider in there".

Passing some more dog walkers, riders and ramblers, we made our way across the lovely green field (barley or wheat planted?) to Trout Trail #6 but prior to going over the stile, the girls had a little sit on the logs while hubby and I took some photos of the beautiful bluebell field.

Off we went to find this next one and as it was an easy spot, we let N go in and do the retrieve on her own which she was delighted about.  There is a bit of a constant argument between the two youngest of "it's my turn", "no, it's my turn" when finding caches is required but they both get their chances.

N, there's a monster on your back!
Final one next, Trout Trail #7 and the hiding place was quite obvious from the clue.  Quick spot by J.

Spot the cache
The log was full and soaking wet. Fortunately I had a small log with me and did a replace, remembering to put the clue back onto it too!  

Carry me
Logging that one I thought it was a shame we had missed the one clue out but noticed that to find Trout Trail #8 you needed to read what to do on that cache page.  I had a look and to my delight, the cache owner had realised one of the clues was missing and had added it to the page. All numbers in hand, I worked out the coordinates and away we went.

Fun in the leaves
As we approached GZ, we started to wonder how hard this was going to be to find.  Do you see the problem?

Cache in a log pile
The GPS was adamant it was in one particular area so we began to search.  A few clue objects were around so we rummaged around them.  Oh dear, nothing appearing.  The previous log as a DNF so perhaps it wasn't here or was very well hidden.  J had an idea. Ignoring the GPS she went to the opposite side and had the cache in hand immediately.  Well done!  Fabulous walk around.  Now for another snack.

"Come and have tea in my log pile house"
Back to the car after telling the girls all about the rings on tree trunks which they then tried to count.

How old am I?
Of course we would have to get Cricket Pitch Micro before we got into the car so we headed back toward the car park.  J decided to take her own route (I'm saying nothing).

How to make walking difficult....
Arriving back at the car, the area was full to overflowing. It seems we have picked the day of a big football tournament and fete.  What luck that we arrived so early this morning!  We wandered over and collected the final cache, huddling around the edge of the pitch trying not to look conspicuous.  Ice creams all round and then back to the car to pick up just one more cache before we left the area.

Heading up to Albury Park, we were off to see the Albury Saxon Church and grab the micro that was here too.  The cache location was quite obvious although we did go to the wrong one first!  What a magnificent tree.

It was completely hollow.  Amazing it is still standing.  S loves churches so we went into the Saxon Church to have a look around.

Albury Saxon Church
From here it was time to head home having had a lovely walk around and explored yet another new area.  I wonder where our next adventure will be?


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