Rhododendrons in Bloom

Can you find me?
N and I went to our favourite garden, RHS Wisley, today.  S was on a school trip to a local farm so we had the whole day to ourselves.  We packed up a little lunch and set off.  Surprised to see stewards showing people the way in today and the coach park looked very full but we parked in seconds and off we went.

N was the one leading the way today so I just let her decide where she wanted to go.  She, like S, adores coming to Wisley as she loves the colours, the shapes and the smells.

The rhododendrons are in full bloom there at the moment and the colours are so vibrant.  I think I chose a great jacket for N to wear.

The variety and colours of the flowers is just fantastic to see.  One variety I have in my garden and always assumed it was an azalea but clearly it is not.

It was nice for N to just run around and smell the flowers, look at the colours and have her tell me all about them. She also told me which ones I needed to photograph so we came away with an awful lot of pictures.  Here are just some of the gorgeous flowers you can see if you visit soon.

Of course we walked around a lot more of Wisley too and had our visit to the Glasshouse to nibble a few choccie biscuits and some fruit as it was a lot warmer in there than outside!

I need to tell my Wisteria how to grow!

Multi-coloured Tulips

N was fascinated that Pandas would eat Bamboo

Apple blossom

Pelagoniums in the Glasshouse
There is a blaze of colour in the glasshouse with the Pelegonium displays. I thought these were Geraniums when I first walked in.

Time for some fruit and a little bit of a warm up near the waterfall.  It was chilly outside that's for sure.

Pitcher Plant

Amazing flowers

I'm sure there were more chocolate buttons in here

Duck watching

N was fascinated with the Union Jack flower display as we came and left Wisley.  She spent ages smelling all the different flowers.


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