Where's number 22 gone?

Polesden Lacey House
The sun is out.  Hubby is off work.  No school.  Caching time!

We have a lot more of the Humble Hike to do so talking to hubby, he thought that the walk to the back of Polesden Lacey was a bit far before we'd even started caching so Plan B was that we would park up near West Humble station and walk some of that part.

Driving down the narrow lanes to the station, we pulled into the car park.I say car park but it's more like 6 spaces and a train track.  Good heavens.  Where do commuters park?  Anyway as it was "full" we carried on up the lane hoping to find a nice car park somewhere.  We went a bit further.  Further still. We came out at the road leading up to Polesden Lacey.  Oh well, I have all the caches stored offline so we'll just go back to Plan A then.

A nice, but windy, stroll through the back of the grounds and off up a steep hill across some fields heading for our first two.  Foiled again. This was just a scenic view area and there was no path heading to our right to get to #16 and #17.  OK, we'll leave those for another day and start at #18.  A nice easy spot for the girls and they made the retrieve.

Away through the woodland we went off to find #19.  The path was quite steep at times so the girls held our hands to stop us falling down. A nice easy spot for them and they made their second retrieve of the day.

We were getting our bearings looking at the fields we had walked around before doing the Polesden ring itself.  Coming up to #20 and the place was quite obvious.  Again, checking all was safe, they went in for yet another find. They were really delighted with their 3rd in a row and S said that maybe I would like to find one next time (cheeky little devil).  It was at this point - when taking the photo - that I realised S had pinched the little pony toy out of the previous cache!  As we had no swaps on us today, I had said they could look but not take anything. Seems the pony was just too tempting!  I'll keep an eye on her for the rest of the caches.

Retrieving Humble Hike #21 together
#21 was near to a field that we decided to have our snack in.  Again, they both made the retrieve.  Sorry said S, you can get the next one mummy.  Pah!

Bit crowded around Polesden Lacey today...

We popped the picnic blanket down and had a nice few sandwiches and some fruit.  Before hubby and I had blinked, all the strawberries had gone and two little red mouthed smiles were looking at us.  You have to be quick in this family.

At this point I realised that I had managed to miss off #22 from my offline list. Disaster!  There is no phone signal around here (a lesson learned last time) and I thought I had managed to put all the remaining hike ones on but clearly not.  We thought we could estimate a rough distance and would look at any likely suspects.

Lottery win please
#23 beckons.  I darted in for this one myself as there was a solitary nettle in the way which I deemed to dangerous for the girls to go near.  Sneaky huh?

#24 was going to be our final one of the day as we had been out for 2 1/2 hours now and N's legs were getting rather tired.  It's not exactly a flat path around this area.  Considering she's not even 2 1/2 yet, she is a fabulous little walker.  The final cache was another nice one for the girls to find.  Getting there we had to cross the road we had come up originally. Some people were walking along it. Not something I would want to do as it is all blind bends and very little passing space.

We turned around and began to head back across the fields to get a well deserved ice cream before going home.

Picking dandelion clocks to blow
In the middle of this field was a tree. We decided to search for #22 there.  Nope.  At the other end of the field was a fallen tree stump. Nope.  A gate.  Nope.  Worth a look just in case.  We were utterly out and hopelessly looking in the wrong place (I know this now I am home looking at the map). Oh well, we'll be back again so we'll hoover up the missed ones then.
Back across the route we had taken around the Polesden Lacey caches before so we had a shortcut back.  Wildflowers everywhere.

Ice cream was now the order of the day.  The tubs weren't cheap (when are they at these places?) but they were very tasty indeed.

Of course no day is complete without visiting a playground on the way home so we stopped off at one we've not tried before at West Clandon to wear the girls out a bit more (as if that was needed).  Back home now for a play in the garden and some dinner.


  1. Looked like a very lovely day out in Surrey!


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