Apps the way to do it

I love smartphones.

They have been a fantastic step forward in technology as far as I am concerned.

Why?  Well, they have managed to provide a wealth of good little learning applications for my girls when we are out and about.  I don't mean that I let them walk around using my phone - oh no. But when S is doing ballet or tap, for example, N loves to play with the apps on my phone.

I have some pure games of course like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope but even they teach her how to aim the little candy or bird and work out what to do next.

Most of the apps I have are little learning ones.  Puzzles, numbers, memory games and letters.

The variety of free games to pop onto your phone is fabulous.  Having a phone with a reasonable size screen helps. My old HTC Wildfire S was ok but the girls really did have a small area to work with. The new Samsung Galaxy SIII is fab (even if it no longer fits in my pocket!).

Naturally, some of the better apps I have upgraded and paid for the full versions. Having a Lite one to try out is a good indication of whether it captivates your child enough to pay for it. To be honest though, most are around £1 so it's money worth spending even if they don't want to play with it in a month's time.

I love the fact that no matter what phone you move to, all your apps are sitting happily in Google Play ready to download to your new device.  How cool is that?

Of course, pens and paper are equal fun (the girls tend to have these rather than my phone in, say, a restaurant) but for certain things the phone is king.

Right, I'd best get back to looking for some more games the girls will enjoy.


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