Don't be so darn honest!

I'm a hopeless liar. My husband says that I am just too obvious when I lie. Apparently this has to do with my need to embellish my story.  If I'm telling the truth, apparently I state the simple facts. If I'm lying, however, according to hubby, I tell a tale worthy of a Ronnie Corbett monologue!

I am learning, however, that sometimes the truth is just not the way forward. Let me give you some examples.

On our honeymoon, hubby and I decided to go for a resort dive.  Now, I did almost all bar a part of a Padi open water course before (why almost all?  Well, that's another story!) with no problems at all.  Off we went to the Padi centre to book our dive.  Of course, we were handed a load of forms to complete about ourselves and any illnesses.  Hubby just ticked no to everything (which is the truth for him) but I stumbled on the question about being Asthmatic. I whispered to hubby "Should I tick this and be honest?"  He shot me a look to say was I completely bonkers and said "No, of course not.  Just say no or I bet they'll stop you diving and you know you can do it just fine."  I hesitated a bit more.  "Just say no" he said again.  I ticked yes.  You guessed it, no resort dive for us and not a very happy hubby.  As the instructor read down the form and then started on about needing medical proof that I could dive safely, I just wished, for once, I'd lied and ticked the bloody no box!  Lesson learned....or was it...

The latest faux pas I've made is being honest about a geocache I have.  When I placed the cache, it was in a small pipe sticking out of the ground.  Rules state that caches cannot be buried or placed in the earth.  As the pipe was there, sticking out of the ground just a bit, I deemed it was fine. It's been found by many experienced cachers and they have enjoyed the find.  Recently though I did a bit of maintenance on it and noticed that the pipe appears to have gone so it's just in the ground now.  Above ground but placed in the earth a little. I left it alone.

A recent cacher finally found it and enjoyed the experience but put a short comment into their otherwise lovely log about it possibly breaking the rules.  Of course, I worried about this. I therefore posted a note on a forum to ask a question. As the pipe has vanished, I want to put a new bit of 'eco' pipe in to support the cache.  Most people said do it or just leave it be and if every cache that broke the rule slightly was removed, there'd be none left!  As, you see, you can't put them in a drain pipe, under a drain cover, in a grass bank, in an old animal hole, etc, get the point.  Then someone on the forum said I should contact the reviewer and get a final decision and placing my new piece of pipe into the ground breaks the rules for sure.  Another person afterwards said, just put the pipe in and don't ask anyone as asking often leads to a negative result.  This is so true.  I'll put the pipe in and just be quiet about it.  I wish I'd not bothered asking.

When I wanted to place a cache last year on a SSSI I contacted the preservation society about it.  I spoke to a lovely chap who said that if I 'formally' asked, the answer would be no as they have to say no to every such request. However, if I just 'did it' and didn't ask, they wouldn't ask me to remove it, providing it didn't cause a problem to flora or fauna.  So that's what I did. It's been found many times and enjoyed with no issues.

So, a couple of minor examples but it goes to show that sometimes honesty is not the best policy!


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