The local postman is very, very slow
Every now and again a particular geocache catches my eye and I feel that it deserves a favourite point.  Either for ingenuity in making the cache container or for a fun find.  This one got one from me yesterday.  I understand it is part of a series and that every one is the same but finding our first ever like this was a real laugh.

J and I were over in Maidenhead and decided to grab a few caches before dropping her home.  

Our first was near a road where I used to live.  We parked up and took a short stroll to GZ. We would just like to thank the kind dog owner who had thrown a bag of mess down for the 'poo fairy' to collect instead of disposing of it themselves. It was treacherously near the cache but with the deft use of a stick and a rear approach (oo-err missus) the cache was soon in hand.  Of course I did all this as J didn't want to go near it.  I don't blame her really but I'm not going to miss a cache for poking a poo bag a few inches away.  I did use a baby wipe on my hands afterwards though.

We parked up in Pinkneys Green near a Chinese restaurant and took a walk through some wood by some more houses we can't afford (ever probably!) to find the first one of the day.  

J had me in stitches. She is paranoid about getting a face-full of spider web - rather a hazard you have to deal with when caching in woodland - and was waving her hands in front of her like some wild banshee making her way all of three feet forward to the cache. Never mind, she got it in the end.

I knew the next one was a the top of the road so we walked in the little bit of woodland until it suddenly ran out. We then crossed over onto the footpath and carried on.  J asked where the cache was. I pointed to the end of the road (grinning a bit admittedly).  A groan ensued. She was hot/feet aching/ know, the teenage kind of stuff.

We got there in the end and she was delighted to see the container.  She wants one. In fact, she now wants a costume like it.  She thinks we should put an appropriate shell on the top of my car.  Her imagination knows no bounds!

To placate her for the walk back to the car, I bought her an ice cream at the garage.  I also made her laugh by trying to open the bloody stupid door the wrong way going both in and out.  I wasn't really paying attention as I was trying to escape her poking my arms. She's so childish. Don't worry though, I managed a quick poke back and ran away...*tee-hee*


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