You are where?

This morning I had a total palm-forehead moment.

Having got up at a reasonable hour and lazed around the house a bit, I noticed on the PC that our friends were coming over at 2pm for a play date.  Lovely.  Looking forward to that.

The girls were talking about seeing grandma and granddad so I called the outlaws up and they were free so off we went, leaving the house about 9.30am.

Arriving at just turned 10am, my phone was ringing in my bag. I missed the call but noticed that my friend had phoned me.  It was then that the penny dropped...

We had re-arranged the time of her visit to me to 10am as she had an errand to do in the afternoon.  She was sitting outside my house wandering where I was!

I could only apologise. I offered to turn around and go straight back but she said not to worry and she'd go off and do a bit of shopping at our local town centre.  Of course it wasn't worth her hanging around for the 30 minutes we'd take to get back as she had her afternoon plan which was why we changed the time in the first place!

I felt awful.  What a numpty.  I've promised to make it up to her with copious amounts of cake next time we meet up.


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