Can I count occasional dusting as exercise?

Which one is me?  Yep, none of them.
I'm not a couch potato - well, not too much of one - but for some reason I seem to be struggling to exercise at the moment. I'm currently blaming the heat and the fact that the girls are going to bed later which means that I'm tired before I get to sit down of an evening. I know, it's an excuse really as I could get busy then but I don't want to. I can't be bothered. There. I said it.

Last year I did very well with my exercise. I danced pretty much every night to either Zumba or Just Dance on the Wii and do you know what?  It made a difference. I lost a stone in weight (yep, I really needed too) but the little...ok, larger...tummy bump (no I'm not pregnant) has appeared again.  It's a kind of muffin-top but all at the front. I'm sure it's on my butt too but fortunately I can't turn my head all the way around to see that!

I also have those dreaded bingo wings and I don't even play the damn game!

I used to count exercise as a day out geocaching as I walked miles on a quarter of a cheese sandwich and a few grapes or a good hoover of the house (bit too infrequent in my case as I hate housework) but it's actually been too hot to do too much of that of late and, as you may recall, we've been potty training too. Oh hell, who am I kidding?  N could happy wee behind a tree if we were out.  I'm sorry, I have to admit it, I've become lazy.

So, I need to do some exercise. I'm tired though so how to I motivate myself?  With the girls rarely being asleep before 8.30pm, I find it hard at that time of night to think "great, let's get moving!" and more "phew, time to catch up on one TV show before I go to bed myself at 9.30".  Arrghhhh....

I think I'm going to have to rope J into helping me out. I know once I start, I'll immediately have more energy, feel better and, of course, lose a few inches.

I'm off to have a (low fat of course) yoghurt while I think about what exercise I need to do.  Watch this space.


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