Colourful Wisley

This morning we decided to head to Wisley before it got too warm to have a walk around.

As you know, my girls adore the place and I have to say that we had an exceptionally fabulous wander today as the colours everywhere were amazing.

The sun was out and it was already warming up when we arrived at 10am.  We had planned to have a visit before heading home and getting the paddling pool out.

I had also promised the girls one of the delicious ice creams that are sold at the cafes and kiosks around Wisley so I hoped they would open early on a warm day.

The waterlily colours were stunning.  Reds, pinks and whites stood out on their beds of green leaves.  Lots of people were busy photographing them and the girls were telling me all the different colours that they could see.

We thought it would be fun to have a self-portrait as we walked along and shadows seemed the perfect idea

We decided to have a walk up to the glasshouse first to see what was growing at this time of year in there.  Following the girls lead, we walked a new way to it, having a little seat for a picture as we went, then passing the rockery/steps area.

One of my favourite photographs of the day

Look at the size of that Agapanthus
I had to get a picture of the large Agapanthus outside the glasshouse to send to my outlaws (like your in-laws but more fun) as they love these flowers and the ones they gave us are growing far better in our garden than in theirs!  Mind you, these were something to behold and even out-do ours.

We had a very quick walk around the glasshouse as it seemed even hotter in their today and then we headed off over to the Pagoda to sit down for a while and watch the ducks.

Off again to head to one of the little bridges that cross the stream into the pond area.

S wanted to climb up the rockery/steps too so we went over there next.  This is the point I am very glad I no longer have a pram.  An elderly gentlemen commented on how well the girls climbed up as we made our way to the top.

Up the steps

And down again

Little waterfall

Two ducks having a quiet dip
The girls liked seeing two ducks on their own near the top having a quiet dip and nibble on some weed.

In all the walks around Wisley that we have done, I have never before noticed the alpine houses so we had a look in these and at the plants growing on the walls around them.  Goes to show that we still haven't seen it all!

Inside the Alpine House
Over the fields we headed and the colours and blue sky were just stunning to see.

The roses are all out in bloom and the fragrance as you came closer was wonderful. The girls and I sniffed many different varieties.

Flowers that look like leaves

Amazing displays

Picking rose petals from the ground

My absolute favourite rose - for smell, colour and size
We walked back towards the main entrance now and noticed that the house had been completely renovated since the last time we were here.  I believe it is used as offices but boy, would I like to live there!  I wouldn't even mind the number of people passing my front door every day.

As we exited, we saw that a kiosk selling ice cream had opened. Phew, that was fortunate as I'd had to say to the girls that as we seemed a bit early for it, I would do them a cornet when we got home.  Lucky for me, cornets and flakes were available so we sat down and each enjoyed a final treat before going home to splash in the paddling pool.

Think we'll be back next week again for a picnic.


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