Grow you own single pea pod

We're trying growing some veg from seed this year.

Sadly, I don't think our tomatoes are going to produce much as despite planting them when the packet suggested they are only about 12" high now (see picture).  Oh well, the girls are enjoying seeing them grow.

Our peas have one pod on them and the rest of the plants have died off.

The lettuce are a bit willowy to say the least and the beans haven't emerged.

Not one of my better years then. But hey, it's not a problem, it's good for children to learn about all kinds of plants and see which ones grow best.

The flowers, on the other hand, are going like crazy.   The blooms are amazing colours and some like our Agapanthus are now so tall they are competing with the RHS ones!

The girls are great at helping me with the plants in this hot weather. Most days they like to have their paddling pool out but it does tend to get a bit sandy at the bottom so I empty it in the evenings.  Instead of then watering the garden with a hose, we take a little bucket each and water all our plants with the pool water (minus sand of course).  A good bit of recycling (unless that's what's killing off my peas!).

So, I'm not being Mrs Green-Fingers this year.  Don't worry though, just because I am rubbish, I decided to put some links to my favourite gardening sites up on this blog piece.  Well, if you can't do it yourself, have a read of some people who can eh?!

RHS - the only place to see the best gardens around
Indy Gardener - blog all about what's growing, lots of pictures and useful information
Allotment Jo - what's growing on the allotment, among other chit-chat
The Constant Gardener - lots of lovely garden information and pics
Organic Gardening - online magazine with lots of interesting articles
Garden Organic - charity raising awareness of organic gardening. Lots of articles and tips
North Coast Gardening - Genevieve Schmidt's excellent gardening articles and tips
Garden Therapy - DIY projects, recipes and crafty things
Bren - great gardening tips, recipes and what to grow year round
Shirley Bovshow - Eden Makers blog on garden makeovers, plants and veggies
Mark Diacono - Otter Farm smallholding. Lots of fun and useful gardening information
Jo Thompson - garden designer.  Wonderful gardens designed specifically for you
Garden Rant - uprooting the gardening world!
Learn2Grow - helping gardeners of all levels to grown their own
Nigel Colborn - gardener and journalist detailing his gardening exploits

If you'd like to add your site to this list, please do so in the comments.  I'd love to find more of you to follow.


  1. We are growing our own this year too and the only thing that seems to be working so far is the strawberries in the hanging baskets.

    1. Our strawberries did not like hanging at all. Sadly, they grow lovely fruit at ground level but it seems we have slugs that move at the speed of light when they go ripe!


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