Mini Sports Day

At S's school they hold a mini sports day for the nursery, kindergarten and year 1 girls, so this was our first year of attending.

It was very sweet and well organised and went at a fair pace.

Starting with some flat races - S had no idea she should start running at "Go!" along with most of the other nursery girls but they got there in the end.  Last place I think.  Good effort.

Egg and bucket race was next for them.  This is a step down from the egg and spoon (or should I say 'egg shaped piece of plastic' and spoon) to make it a bit easier for them. They had a little bucket and had to run and collect two eggs on their way to the finish line.  I got over excited yelling as I was videoing S.  She almost stopped next to me to smile and wave until I screamed "run!" to her. I wasn't keen for her to do well at all, oh no. She came a very respectable 2nd (no thanks to me and my distraction).

Final race for them was the Teddy bears' picnic where they had to pick up some items (cup, plate, spoon) as they headed down the track and finally their teddy then run to the end and sit in a hoop.  She did well but her teddy was clearly fixed and slippery and she dropped it twice.  Not quite last but a big smile on her face.

The parents race was far better than the ones I've been to at J's school. There, the competitive mums and dads go into training weeks in advance and turn up in bloody running shoes!  At S's school, despite a few knobs parents (mums strangely enough - but none of our nice lot) doing that, most just got up for the fun and the race turned out to be a dressing up/down one which was very comical to watch and a great deal of cheating went on.  The mainly nursery ladies team won, and well deserved.  The lot with their printed t-shirts and lycra came nowhere *snigger*

Finally, it was the Little visitors' race which N happily took part in.

Interspersed in the proceedings were tea and the most delicious cream and jam scones made by the dining staff.  The P.E. teacher suggested next year the parents' race should consist of "balancing the most scones on  a plate on top of a cup of tea".  Yes, they were delicious and I think I had 5 and I didn't eat as many as the others did (they were mini ones too before you say anything you lot!).


  1. Looks like it was a great day!
    I love doing things with the children at school!
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Thank you, it was. So sweet to see them all trying so hard. Enjoy your weekend too :)


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