School dinners only? Not on your nelly!

Today news hit that the Government are planning another move to beat childhood obesity and trying to ban school packed lunches. Yep, you heard me right.  Apparently having a school dinner will help prevent those children heading into obesity stay the right side of it.  Rubbish!

For one, giving a child one 'healthy' meal a day does not mean that at home they didn't eat a pile of sugar-coated cereal for breakfast with a milkshake and in the evening won't be eating chips, egg, burgers and beans followed by a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce, and snacking on crisps and chocolate in between does it.  Will the Government have spies who will perhaps be popping round our houses every morning and night to ensure our children are fed right?  Surely that has to be the next step.

Naturally Labour say that free school and academies are allowing junk packed lunches. Oh do shut up.

I for one am totally against school lunches and here's a number of reasons why:

1.  I do not wish to be forced to pay £50+ per month, per child, for something I do not agree with.  In fact, I will *not* be told what to do regarding food for my children at school.
2.  My middle daughter is a fussy eater and, trust me on this, making her eat a school lunch will upset her beyond belief (I know this categorically from her nursery days) and will stop her learning process in the morning due to the distress of knowing what's coming at lunchtime.  Fact!
3. The assumption of the report seems to be that the school lunch is the only cooked meal a child gets.  In this house, we all sit down to a good, healthy dinner every day.
4.  Parents who feed their children unhealthy items will do so regardless of what they eat lunchtime at school so again this country seems to want to punish everyone for the sake of the few clueless idiots.

I am sick of this big brother attitude to life that is being forced upon us all now.  We are grown up and have choices.  Yes, you'll always get those that make the wrong ones continually but that is what human nature is all about.

Instead of forcing everyone to have a school meal, how about prosecuting those parents who allow their children to become morbidly obese as surely that's a form of child abuse?

As for my packed lunches, leave them well alone. I will not be told what to do for my children by some quango who will now no doubt spend many more millions of my taxes looking after the few at the expense of the many.

Tattooed Mummy has a great blog piece on this and you can read it right here.


  1. Thanks for linking up- my DD is not exactly fussy, but she doesn't like 'messed about' food, such as in sauces (thus any pasta dish etc) and she hates cheese and tomatoes, it rather leaves the hot meal menu lacking for her! She is happy with lunches we send and we all have a hot meal in the evening (not that 'hot' is some kind of magic food!)

    Great piece, the Government seem to be meddling unnecessarily as usual!!

    1. I so agree. S's current school insist on school lunches only - no packed lunches allowed but they are a private school, chefs on the premises and the food smells amazing. However, S still got distraught about eating it so even though it was above par compared to many schools, it wasn't for her. As we are all saying, you need choice.

  2. I wrote this somewhere else but here it is again. Take any state school in NW London and you will need to provide the following menus: Halal, Kosher, allergy and coeliac sensitive (nut free, lactose free, gluten free, fish free, egg free), for children of parents who ban all processed/junk/sugar (everything cooked from scratch), vegetarian, vegan, macro-biotic, paleo, ... I can't think of anymore off hand but you can bet your life there are more demands I've not thought of. There is no way this law can be implemented - it's impossible.

    1. Fantastic points. You are quite right, the list of menu items would be better than most 5* restaurants!

  3. The government should concentrate on reducing the prices of healthy foods, foods for allergens such as gluten free, sugar free, and stop trying to dictate what we eat and when we eat it.

    I agree midlife singlemum, totally, it will be impossible to implement this, even if your child does not have an allergy every parent going that has a child eating a packed lunch will think up an allergy so as their child will not have to eat at school.

    for the none allergens that have school dinners already, maybe make them free for all, stop giving the idiots in the big house in london a pay rise, put them on minimum wage, remove their security and put the money they would get as a raise into school meals, healthy ones, and give said school meals for free.

    1. I agree. The list of options would be ridiculous.

      Sadly for S, even if school meals were free she'd not like them and that would mean (a) forcing her to eat them which I would not allow due to the distress or (b) she would just not eat which means she would be hungry all afternoon - equally damagaing.


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