First train ride to London

By the 'big wheel' as S called it
School holidays seemed the ideal time to take our two youngest on their first train rides to London.

Actually, this is their first train ride ever!  Yes, I know, I'm afraid we don't often travel by train as I like to be in charge so we normally drive everywhere but London is just not a place I care to drive - let alone try and park!

The girls were very excited.

We managed to squeeze ourselves into some seats as the train was quite busy despite it being almost 11.30am before we boarded.  Living on a line where trains go to London about every 5 minutes day and night is the penalty we have to pay.

I'm pleased to say we managed to get into a 'quiet carriage' (aren't they all now?) and delighted all around us with the girls squealing and giggling during the 30 minute journey.  Well, the sign said no loud music or mobiles and we weren't using either of those were we.

Having pleased all the miserable old farts people around us with the girls entertainment and our photograph taking during the ride. we come
We got off and headed to the London Aquarium.  The girls were amazed at the size of the 'big wheel' and proclaimed loudly that they were not going on it.  Fair enough - we weren't about to queue up for it anyway.

"That's the big clock on television" said S
Passing the long queue for the London Dungeon (wasn't there when I visited it years ago) we were pleased the Aquarium wasn't so busy.  We got into the queue and immediately N wanted a wee.  She's doing really well so I wasn't about to see if she could hang on for 10 minutes (plus I knew the end result even if she said yes and I'm sure people didn't want to step in a puddle as they queued).  Of course we had to push past everyone behind us in the queue and ask the lady at the entrance where to go. She directed us in and I had to elbow my way through squeeze my way past everyone who was admiring the fishes in the glass floor, dash past the photo opportunity and into the loos. Made it!  Well done N.  Back we went against the flow but in less of a hurry this time.  Hubby, S and J had reached the mid-way point when we rejoined them.  A few more minutes and we were in - delighted to have a 2 for 1 offer with Southwest Trains as it is beyond a joke pricing just to look at fish expensive to get in otherwise.

The girls enjoyed about 30 minutes of it then hit the boredom and hunger threshold. All they wanted to do at that point was leave and have an ice cream. There really was no point trying to drag this out as it was a day out for them after all so we just glanced at a few more displays and left.

Just give us ice cream
An ice cream van was conveniently situated by the London Eye so we queued up - gave up queuing and shoved some tourists out of the way (well, they all walked in in front of us) and got our ice creams, sitting on the grass looking down South Bank and across the Thames to eat them.

Johnny meets Jas
I spotted some street artists and one was definitely Johnny Depp. It was!  Honest!  Just look!  He's here having his photograph taking with J.  I knew he'd given up making films for a while but I had no idea he was still looking to earn a few quid on the streets of London.  There's me thinking Captain Jack Sparrow was just a character and yet that's what Johnny looks like in real life - incredible.

N and I took the middle horse - J and S said the outer one was faster
We had a nice walk along South Bank and took the girls on the carousel before we sat at a little cafe van to have some chips (best we've had in ages).

We then headed to Gabriel's Wharf for a look around the shops there and a drink.

Everyone was getting a bit tired now but there was time for the girls to have one go on the cars that S had spotted beside the carousel before heading back to the train and home.

S taking the lead in the orange car with N in 4th place in the yellow
Of course, we sit in a lovely set of 5 seats on the train next to one gent who grunts about moving his laptop case and bag off the seat I'm about to sit on. One seat per person not per bag fella!  J commented that our giggles and chatter was making the tolerance drain out of him.  I didn't care - if he didn't like it he could go sit in another carriage - there were plenty of single seats around but just this one for the 5 of us.  Miserable old Times reading bore.

It was nice to take them to London and I'm pleased to say the little outing we did was just right for them and me if I'm honest.  I like to visit London but I love to come home afterwards.


  1. Yes... after all this time they moved the London dungeon. I've been there twice and it was down by Tower Bridge. We were at an aquarium a couple of days ago, I thought it was a bit over priced but at least we got to pet sting rays and see a dolphin show! Your family is gorgeous by the way!

    1. Thanks Tammy. Didn't see the dolphins but maybe because we were just striding towards the exit on an ice cream hunt by then :)


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