Hogs Back caching

We fancied something outdoors involving not too long a drive today so headed off (after a quick look at the map) to the Hogs Back near Guildford to do some geocaching.  Spotting a handy parking space, we set off with our picnic to begin the hunt.

First one was the Hogs Back Reservoir #19 going to be quite a difficult cache as the rating was a 4.  We were prepared to get stuck in and have a look.

A good scout around turned up nothing and the GPS was bouncing a bit but then after about 10 minutes of searching, I turned around and something caught my eye that was slightly wrong.  Yep, the cache!  What a super hide.  A well deserved favourite point was awarded for it and away we headed to the next one.

My cacher sense was working today
The path was nice and wide and you could easily navigate this part with a pushchair (always nice to know if you have younger cachers with you) with plenty of little sub-paths left and right leading into the woods.

Our second hunt of the day was for Hogs Back Reservoir #20 which despite being ingenious, I spotted immediately.  I think it should be a quick find for any regular cachers.  See what you think.

Can you find me?
Away we headed to Back from the Brink.  The walk was lovely and there are so many wild Buddleia (butterfly bush) that we had to keep stopping to see the stunning array of butterflies that were on them.

So many butterflies around
Arriving at GZ, there was a bit of too-ing and fro-ing as the GPS was not very happy under the trees. It took us to around 20m past the cache then once we'd climbed around for a while searching, I glanced again and it was pointing back where we came from.  Back we trundled.  A quick spot and all safe for the little cachers to go in.  They were delighted with the find.  We just love these ones for their size. If only I'd brought some swaps....I really must remember those. Not much good to me in the boot of the car are they.

We found it!
Off we went to find Jag-in-a-Bag strolling along the path, enjoying the butterflies all around us.

Lovely walk
We headed off the main path and hubby said he'd like to find this one.  No problem.  We stood back at GZ and let him look around.  Having searched one tree, I suggested he might like to try another.  J and I were laughing saying "We can see it!" and teasing him. He went back to the first tree and made the spot.  I have to say I didn't read the description very well and assumed it was a coin swap for Geocoins but then it dawned on me. Nice idea.  We had nothing of interest to swap so just signed the log and went on our way.

Off to have an attempt at Seven Skyscrapers now.  We knew this would be a bit of a challenge from the terrain rating (I'm thinking it's up a tree looking at where we are) and difficulty too.  I wasn't wrong.  Having a read of some logs as we approached, it certainly was going to be up high. Trouble was the GPS wasn't settling down so we had quite an area to cover.  We were walking back and forth and while searching, little tummies were getting hungry.  The GPS settled between two suspects and hubby and I looked all around at both, without making any ascent to see further.  The CO had said you could spot it from the ground but nothing came to light.  With grumbling tummies ourselves, we decided to give up on this one and go have our picnic now.  We're back with caching friends this weekend so may have another go at this one I'm sure.

We went off to the right of the main path and into a cornfield to spread the blanket and stop the grumbling noises.  Much appreciated those sandwiches that hubby had made for us this morning were too.  It's nice to know he enjoys geocaching with us as he's predominately picnic carrier, First Aid Kit carrier, raincoat carrier, child carrier...you get the drift. 

Off we went to collect Cache with  a View next.  We went back to the main path then I realised it was tucked next to the trees and the corn field.  Leaving the rest of the family on the path to avoid the stingers (I had jeans on), I went in and made a very quick find.  Nicely stocked cache and grabbed a TB to help on its journey.

Little legs were getting tired - and so was teen - at this point so we decided to make History Cache : 1497? our final of the day.  A nice virtual to finish and lovely views across the other side of the fields.

The virtual cache to finish our day
Back we headed to the car, the girls enjoying some shoulder carries as we went.

The best big sis ever
We will be back to complete some more caches around the reservoir.  A really nice area and a lovely selection of caches so far.


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