Online fragrance for me

We smell great again
Hubby and I both ran out of our favourite smellies at almost the same time. With no holiday in sight, Duty Free was not an option.

I had a scout around Boots (usual perfume buying place) and was surprised at how much the perfumes we wanted were.  I think last time we'd bought from Boots they must have been on offer.  My Eternity was £42.99 and hubby's Joop was £18.76. I thought that seemed a bit steep, even with the Joop having over £6 off.

I decided to have a look around. Sticking what we wanted into Google, I found quite a few suppliers but Fragrance Direct caught my eye so I did a compare then had a look at their website.  The prices were very good and for the two fragrances I wanted, I would save £11 on Boots prices.  Even their postage was very reasonable. I decided to place an order.

Now, call me an old cynic (yes, I can hear you shouting that at your PC screen now, ha, ha), I've heard some horror stories of people (including some friends) who have bought perfumes and the like online.  Everything from fake products to ridiculously watered down versions of the original (you know, turning one bottle of nice perfume into 4 weak smelling ones).  I was therefore a bit suspicious to say the least.  The logical part of me though, concluded that without a shop to run, these folk could afford to sell perfume cheaper. But you never know.

Having asked if it was genuine on Twitter, with an immediate response that it was, I waited for my delivery.

It arrived today. It is the real thing, smells wonderful and I'm so impressed that Fragrance Direct have just got themselves another customer!

So, if you're fed up with paying crazy High Street prices (yes, before you say it, I have checked out those perfume shops but often they are no cheaper than a big retailer), do yourself a favour and have a look at this company online. I think you'll be impressed.


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