Monday, 19 August 2013

The tale of the (almost) never-ending wardrobe in....brown

This is the 'dark' version of the wardrobe in the
Having purchased a lovely 'put-it-together-yourself' wardrobe for our girls room from Argos, hubby and I decided to opt for a bigger flat-pack one for our newly decorated room.  We didn't mind that people said it would take around 5 hours to put up. We didn't mind it had gone back up to £269.99.  What we didn't expect was that it would take 2 weeks to actually get the thing delivered properly!

The first delivery slot came and our Puerto Rico pine wardrobe arrived.  I'd waited in and was excited about seeing it and cracking on with it while hubby was at work.  I do like a bit of DIY you know.  The drivers lugged it upstairs for me and away they went.  I unpacked it carefully.  What a mess! Parts of it were snapped off completely, it looked like a fork-lift truck had run over other bits of it.  No way were we keeping this.

I phoned Argos. The delivery men couldn't be more than 10 minutes away so could they turn around and collect it?  No was the reply from the lady. They simply couldn't pick it up as they didn't have room on the lorry for it.  What?  Hang on, there was room enough to deliver it to me wasn't there?  Surely they hadn't collected some old rag and bone on their way back to the depot?  I was bemused to say the least.  The lady informed me that they could do a collect next Thursday. Great, a week with 80+KG of wardrobe laying on the floor in our bedroom and all of hubby's clothes in the teens room.  Not ideal to say the least.  Worse was yet to come.  The wardrobe we had ordered, in pine, was no longer in stock.  Fine said I, when would it be back in stock? The lady had no idea and suggested I call back in 'a few days to see' but I wasn't having any of that.  Was the dark pine one available?  Yes. I'll take it.  Not as happy but we needed a wardrobe and it wasn't that much darker....or was it?

...and in real life!  Misrepresentation much?
The following Thursday arrived. Another day knowing I'd have to hang around for hours. Not pleased but at least the wardrobe was coming.  It arrived. One delivery man - the fatter of the two - said they had a collection for Argos.  That was all he said to me the whole time. Rude man. He came in to collect the old one with his colleague and once the larger part was out of the house, he walked past me a third time, now with the new one, as I said "Could you put it upstairs please" still not making another comment.  The other was very pleasant and helpful as he took the second part of the wardrobe up for me. He waited patiently while I checked all the pieces were good and counted them. Yes, I had them all and no breakage this time, but hang on a moment, this wardrobe wasn't the same as the picture in the catalogue!  This wasn't just a bit dark it was bloody brown!  I phoned hubby. He said just take it as we needed one urgently.  I signed for it and they left.  This was never going to blend in with our other pine furniture that was for sure.

Some time after this I was talking to one of my neighbours. It turns out they had parked across part of the shared driveway into our courtyard of houses.  She had to leave her house by car to go back to work and asked the chubby driver (who was now sitting in the cab just waiting) to please move the lorry a bit so she could get out.  He just looked at her and said "you can get your car past" and turned away.  Ignorant git or what!  She had to drive over part of her lawn to get around the lorry. Suffice to say this rude man was reported to Argos.

I started to put the wardrobe together.  It was all going well until I couldn't find a piece. Oh no, not again!  I'd counted the pieces though and they are all here so what's going on?  Easy explanation.  The packaging contained two of one piece I only needed one of, and none of the other piece I needed.  FFS!  This was getting ridiculous.

I called Argos.

You guessed it.  I would have to wait another week for a delivery as they couldn't just send me the missing piece.  Another sodding wasted afternoon!

The next week arrived and the delivery men with it - different ones this time and very nice they were too - and we took out the pieces (yes, turned out there was more than one) missing or duplicated.  We gave them a can of coke each while we sorted through the boxes in the lorry as it was very hot in there.  Finally we could finish the wardrobe.

Do we like it?  It's ok. It's so much darker than we expected (and the catalogue implied) and it really has been poorly made.  Half the stain is missing on pieces and some are so badly cut out or rough you wonder who the hell was working in the factory - Jabba the Hutt!?

After my complaints on the telephone and to Argos via Twitter (far more effective medium), they offered a goodwill gesture for our problems - a £20 Argos voucher!  WTF?  I said I'd like £20 off my purchase price and for it to be put back onto my payment card but I received the following Tweet:

I'm sorry Krista but the offer is £20 in the form of a gift voucher, not back to your card. If you do not wish to accept this, I withdraw the offer and respectfully advise you to seek independent advice. Luke

So Argos' attitude is 'Take our voucher and spend more with us or have nothing" - what a charming bunch!  More Agros than Argos then.

Suffice to say, I'm pretty unimpressed with Argos.  I'd be interested to know other people's experiences of their so-called 'customer service' as it strikes me it's more 'take it or leave it as we don't give a monkeys'!  I would hasten to add that this seems to apply to their 'online ordering' service only.  Our local store has always been excellent at their customer service (clearly they have a good team).

It's strange but Argos also don't seem to have put my review up detailing some of this (in the limited characters they allow) on their site. I wonder why?

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