What's behind this business park?

We found it!
Headed out today to help hubby blow the cobwebs away after a busy week at work.  Sun shining and away we went over to Guildford as I'd spotted a few caches near the Surrey Business Park.  Our first recce of the area was a fail. I was trying to reach the train line shown on the map having read someone else's log saying they parked up nearby.  However, all I could see were double yellow lines and I wasn't about to trust that Traffic Wardens don't work Saturdays around Guildford - even at the very bottom of a business park!  Back we headed and parked up just the other side of the A3 so our first cache of the day was going to be the aptly named A3 View.  Over the bridge we went and I made a quick spot.  Hubby couldn't see it for the life of him and then the girls noticed it.  Signed and off we went.

A3 Bridge
Across the fields we headed to Manor Copse where the GPS bounced around all over the place.  A process of elimination was employed of "where would I hide it?" and suddenly hubby made the find, much closer to the path than expected.

Back we popped out to the field to have a sandwich and a sit down.  Where the crop had been cut down it certainly was a bit prickly sitting there but nice to enjoy our nibbles and fruit.

Field View was an immediate spot for me as we approached.  Having read some of the logs before getting here, I wondered if we were in for a long hunt, expecially as it's a 3* difficulty too.  Clearly it was not to be the case.  The cache was sticking out and quite obvious.  Took a little while to extract the damp log but fortunately hubby had his Swiss friend with him so there was a 'cache extraction tool' to hand (although not sure it was actually called that).  Managed to sign and replaced a little better hidden. I had seen someone say it should not be under anything so made sure it was not but that the 'tube' wasn't showing. Hopefully the next person will have a bit more of a challenging find (or be cursing me - who knows which).

Back we headed as hubby wanted to walk in the field in the sunshine so we suddenly appeared to go off course.  This is becoming the norm for us now.  We finally headed into the back of the business park and had a chat to a lady cleaning her car while her dog was having a good run around asking about the train line. She said it was a very long way away but pointed to a footpath that seemed to run at the back of the buildings.  We thanked her and headed off.  Being the wrong side of the woods, we decided to just walk up to the 7:52 to Reading and pick that up and head back on the right side.  A quick find by hubby who managed to kneel on about the only nettle within feet of the cache!  Owch.  The girls thought it was fun listening to the noise as a train went right over our heads.

We turned back and went along the path we *should* have come down via the fields again (my sun loving husband), then dipped back in to collect Strawberry Grove.  GPS said we were 20m away still but there was a great looking suspect and the cachers instinct took over and we investigated. There was the cache.  Bit of a paddy by N as we wouldn't let her take anything as, yet again *sigh*, I had forgotten my swaps! I'll have to put some into my rucksack I carry everywhere with me won't I.  Clever distraction by hubby with a bag of Animal Biscuits soon had the plastic car forgotten about and we were on our way again.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to cache we go
Carrying on down the path through the trees we aimed for Dark v Light.  As we approached I glanced at the clue as the GPS was a bit indifferent here again and hubby made an immediate spot of the location. A quick look and there it was.

Primrose Woods was next and we thought at first glance it had gone until a slightly closer inspection revealed the cache. The girls like these ones and were pleased to help find it.

Web in sunshine
A few shoulder carries were now on the cards as we'd been gone just over 2 hours.  Little legs were getting tired - no, not mine.

Looking over Surrey Research Park
I tried to get a picture of the falcon on the wire but typically as I took the picture, it went to fly off.

 It was very enjoyable having a walk around the woods and the fields and lovely to have the sun out again.


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